The Network Marketing Pros and ConsEvery business has it’s pros and cons and network marketing is not any different. So let get right to it.

1. It can be started fairly inexpensively- your network marketing business can be started fairly inexpensively. Which means that you can break even fairly inexpensively as well.

The con to this is that because it can be started very inexpensively it attracts many people that are dreamers hopping that they can get rich quick. This is something that the critics of network marketing use to prove that it does not work. In reality this has nothing to do with Network marketing or how network marketing is represented. It has to do with people taking responsibility over their own actions. People need to stop blaming others for their inability to make decisions.

2. Can be home based business- with everything that is going on in the world more and more people want to stay home with their families. Not only can you save on gas, you can have tons of tax deductions.

The cons to being at home are that you have to be self motivated. Many people can’t even due a workout tape at home. So expecting the average employee to run a business after they come home from work is unreasonable.

3. The next network marketing pro is that it is usually an exponential business. If you ever studied the  power of compounding you understand how powerful the potential of network marketing is. Have you ever heard of the old compounding adage of the penny doubling for 30 fays. As in any of these they are usually a two edge sword.  The point is that at the beginning of the process it seems like you are doing lots of work for very little pay. As time goes and you continue your efforts there is apoint where you are doing very little work for lots of pay. There is a little challenge here that if you start the boulder running and then let it fall back you need to start all over again. We want to see immediate results and the faint promise of future reward for hard work today does not work for 97% of the population.

4. One of the greatest pros in network marketing is that you can run it as a small business-In network marketing you do not have to hire anyone. So there is no workman comp insurance no social security to pay, no employes to deal with. So you are essentially self employed. The challenge with most self employed businesses is that they can not be automated. Usually to automate a business you need to hire employees that can give life to your corporation when you are not around. But in network marketing this is not so. You can have an automated business that works with or with out you making you residual money even when you are not around. This requires diligence. You can have a network marketing business where it is all dependent on you and that you are tied to it.

The con to this that you are prospecting you have to go through allot of coal to reach and help polish the diamonds. Lets take this metaphor a little further. Some diamonds are bigger than others but your goal is to just place diamonds in your organization. Over the last couple of years my perspective has changed from just building my netwroking business to creating a funded proposal that is paying me. My automated machine sifts thru possible diamonds and spits them out for my inspection. Then I transfer them to the next machine which polishes and sifts through and helps me check them for final inspection.

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