How to Network Market? You need Energy!!

Are you out of Energy?

This is part of my series on How to Network Market because I often see people fail because they can’t get themselves motivated. I see  four reasons for this happening 1. Not having a goal to be totally passionate about, 2. Not  knowing what motivates you( check this out here)3. Not being in the right mood and frame of mind Check this out here) , 4. Not having enough energy. Today I will address point number four ways to increase your energy. But before I do that realize that this is not medical advice and that if you suspect any serious problems that you should consult your medical doctor. Check out the disclaimer for more information.

Usually in order to inspire others you need to be personally inspired. Although you don’t have to be like an out of control caffeinated squirrel you do need to be in the mood to inspire. Even tough network marekting draws from all walks of life there are certain characteristics that you can see in those that are professional netwrokers- they like people, they are generally optimistic and entrepreneurial, many are self motivators.

As a doctor in my office I get allot of patients that ask me how they can increase their energy. Although most people are just asking me for some healthy alternatives for common energy drinks and coffee I am going to go over some underlying causes of fatigue, go over some products that I take on a regular basis, and then I will give you some products that I use personally for an extra boost from time to time.

Sleep- I give lectures that pertain to proper sleep and rest. Suffice it to say that most Americans have some type of sleep problem. Not only is insomnia a problem but it seems like half of the patients that come into my office have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Instead of dealing with the causes they continue to deal with the symptoms but before I go to far on my rant. Let me give you some pointers to get proper sleep.

Have a set time that you go to bed every night.

The hours before midnight are the most important (one of the reasons is because your gall bladder detoxifies around 11:00)

Keep the room as dark as possible.

Get rid of your alarm clock. (they wake you up before you are ready and mid sleep cycle- you will always be not alert if you are woken up mid sleep)

Find your ideal sleep time. (6 to 10 hours- some can do with six some need ten. Too much sleep can cause tiredness just like too little sleep, mainly because you wake up mid sleep cycle.)

2.Poor Mood Management- my previous article spoke about this check it out on my blog- needless to say we can control our moods.

3. Poor nutrition- Poor nutrition causes a miriad of problems and like sleep I can give you lectures just on nutrition and how it affects everything from arthritis to weigh managemnt. Proper nutrition on the other hand can help with energy levels. These are some things to keep in mind.

Stay away from daily coffee. Coffee- I know, I know for most people this is the only reason they are up in the morning, but if you feel fatigued most of the time and you are a daily coffe drinker then the coffe is just making it worse. Caffeine withdrawal is a drag but you will be better of for it. Caffeine leads to adrenal exhaustion so when going through withdrawal  you should stop by the health food store and pick up some adrenal support supplement. Check this article for more info on why caffeine is so bad

Dehydration- drink more water or at least more water containing foods. Like fresh vegetables. Many people feel fatigued because the y are not getting enough healthy fluids in their system. When you are thirsty instead of drinking soda or coffee which will make dehydration worse drink water, herbal tee or even vegetable juices.

Juicing and Greens- Gives you the fluid needed for body functions as well as concentrated nutrition

General Multi -Vitamin- sometimes your fatigue might be because of a subclinical vitamin deficiency and it is cheeper to just get a whole years supply of a general muti vitamin that to do all the testing required to find a sub clinical deficiency.

B-complex- Including B-12 a large role in your body energy systems, helps decrease stress and improve mood, promotes normal cognitive performance. B-vitamins are better taken as a complex that individually.

OPC- the hypotesis I have behind the enrgy that people feel after taking opc’s for about a week, is that when your body is using less energy by not having to struggle to keep up with free radical damage it has more energy to function optimally.  I wrote about OPC previously here

Acai- this product does contain caffein and that is why I only take it occasionally although the content is only 25 mg per serving  as compared to a generic brewed cup of coffee which can have from 90 to 200 mg per 8 oz. The nice thing is that this product also has some other benefits not included in a cup of coffee.  I believe that the benefits of the product far outweigh the effects of the negligible amounts of caffeine especially if taken before 3PM .  Check out the link for more info.

Mochatonix- this product also contains caffein and it is not something that I would recommend for daily consumoption because of that. With 270mg of caffeine per serving it contains more caffeine that a regular cup of coffee and I would only take it in the morning hours of the day.  If you are insistent in drinking coffee in the morning in spite of my warnings this would be a far superior substitute.

Awake- contains no caffeine and it is  just full of vitamins. It is a far superior substitute to any energy drink and can be mixed with your water anywhere.

5.Exercise regularly- reaserch has shown time and time again that regular proper exercise can improve mood, energy levels and it helps you sleep better.

I do take these products myself and sell them in my office. I usually recommend Isotonic products because of their quick and efficient absorption. These are all general recommendations. I am a doctor but I am not your doctor. Your doctor knows your individual needs and condition. So make sure you consult your physician before making any health changes. I can not stress this enough there are many serious reason why you might have low energy so make sure that if you believe that you have a medical condition you check with your doctor.

So these are some of the changes that I have made and have advised others to investigate in order to have more energy for their own adventures in life. Have an excellent day. If you have tried any of our products before and have any testimonials please share.