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Happy New Year! Time For Change!!

Happy New Year! Time For Change!!Wouldn’t be amazing if you could change your whole life this year? I have not been around my blog for a while. In order to hit the ground running you had to have started planning in October. Mainly because you want to train your mind to a new reality. That is exactly what I was doing. I was preparing my new marketing funnel for this year. It is ready and active. As the year goes I will make many changes but it was good to get it going for this year. You probably know if you decided to do a new years resolution and you did not plan it 3 month ago that your are behind the eight ball. Still that is not a reason to give up. The trick is not to do what ninety percent of the people that make new years resolutions do. Nothing!! I want to take you through a process that has been changing my life over the past few month.

Over the last 15 years I have been fascinated with the psychology of change. Mainly because I believe in the ability of anyone to be able to do anything they want to do. Especially as it pertains to wealth and abundance. The human mind is an incredible programmable machine. Unlike physical skills I believe mental skills for the most part are reproducible by anyone as long as you know what to do. Over the next couple of weeks I want to go over a way of being able to get anything you want, and changing your life.


One of my favorite questions to ask people that I work with is – If you continue doing the same thing that you are doing right now for the next year where will you be? Most people although they know that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity they just find themselves stuck. In order to change you need to reprogram yourself. Most people struggle all their lives an can’t seem to find out why. The main reason is because they have not reprogrammed their mind to easily and effortlessly accomplish what they conscious mind desires. We all struggle whether it is financially, in relationships or physical. What most people don’t realize is that the reason is subconscious.

So how can you change. 7 Steps to change

  1. Consciously decide what you want- the whole thing at issue here is that your conscious and subconscious desires are not the same. But many of us have not even defined what we really want. So your first step is to define what you want and what you do not want.
  2. Make a vision board – Although building a vision board on it’s own is useless. It will do something very important which is to allow you to become alert to new possibilities around you. If you clearly identify what you want and you get it. Does it really matter if you get it the way you planned or if you get it. By creating a vision board you open your mind up to new possibilities. You begin to see the new possibilities all around you.
  3. Make a plan of action- No matter how much you wish or hope for unless you take action. I mean consistent action you will not accomplish your goals. Your vision board becomes a dream board and your conscious wants become wishes.
  4. Find the pain and pleasure- You need to know what the consequences to what you want mean to you. Are you willing to pay the price necessary for your goals?
  5. Find your blockages- As hard as it is you should take steps to anticipate problems and how you will overcome those problems. This could be as easy as telling yourself that you will continue no matter what come your way. That whether you like it or not you will do what needs to be done in order to reach your goals. I will give you a perfect example. I just finished creating my very first internet video marketing campaign. The day I was done my brain went into a self sabotaging mode. I started to doubt all the work that has taken me the last three month to do. It would e easy for me to not market it. The video is to long, the page is not enticing enough, I look ridiculous- these where all thoughts running trough my head. Granted the system needs work but guess what it is never going to be perfect. So instead of deluding myself into thinking that this was all conscious decisions I went back and started trying what unconscious beliefs are trying to stop me,
  6. Find the beliefs that you need to support you- So instead of just laying down and taking what the subconscious is doing I decided to fight. But you need to understand that a fight between you subconscious and conscious mind as we try to define them. Is an awful unfair fight your subconscious mind is like Anderson Silva while your concision mind is like Erkel. Your conscious will always lose. The only way to have your conscious mind win is to have awareness. When you are aware you can learn to reprogram your subconscious mind and bring it in alignment with your goals. One way to do that is by
  7. Implementing a plan of passive and active programing- I personally use my subliminal tapes along with my workouts.

Warning! Are you Vaccinated Against These?- Secrets to Success

Warning! Are you Vaccinated Against These?  Secrets to Success

Mark Hoverson

WOW!! Mark Hoversons’ Irresistable Blue Print is totally on. In module two he starts with some innoculations. Can you imagine being immunized against many or all potential diseases on your way to six figures in Network Marketing. Let me clarify. The concept behind innoculations (not that I agree with it) is that if you supply the body an attenuated dose of a disease or analogous disease the body will construct a fortification towards it and when the full blown disease comes along the body will use that immune memory and fight it more adequately. Since this is an analogy I won’t go over the problems with that belief but just use it as Mark did. I will use this analogy to show you how you can help yourself and your distributors inoculate themselves against the diseases that might stop you (or them) on the way to a six figure income. I have done this with my group for a while but I love his analogy. He also gave me a much more comprehensive immunizations and opened my eyes to what is ahead on my road to the six and seven figures.
The idea behind the immunization is something that I learned years ago from Anthony Robbins. The concept is to try to prepare for possible challenges and rehearse your reactions to them so that you are not caught of guard. The hitch is that it is easier said than done, and having someone that has gone thru it, or has worked with people that have gone thru it, is extremely useful. Unfortunately Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Blue Print in not for sale at this time. So this is not a sales pitch. If you don’t have it, you missed out. You can check this link   to be on the waiting list to get notified when it comes out again. His vaccine is terrific and you will have to wait to get it. But I will tell you how I inoculate my prospects. I start inoculating my prospects as soon as they see the compensation plan.

__For the most part this is how the disease is contracted you show the plan to your prospect, they love what they see. They go home and their out of work brother in law (or anyone for that matter) tells them that they are crazy and that it is a scam, they have seen it before and that they are going to lose their shirt. They quit before they even start. If they get past this one they usually will have a weakness and their immune system is low for the next one.

–So now if they can get over their own objections and make a list, the next disease they encounter is rejection from the people they are calling. They start going thru there friends and family and the people that they are thinking if this person does it I will be a millionaire. This person is perfect for this business they will see it right away. Now they get rejected and the lose a little more of their immune system. They quit, or if they get a couple of yeses they will go to the next disease.

–So they are hyped up they have 20 people that said they where coming to see there new business plan at their house. They planed everything, they have food, beverages and their leader is going to show the plan and they are going to have tons of people join their business immediately. They are going to be rich. They confirmed with everyone and 5 of them said something came up, 5 said that they might be late if they can come at all and 10 say they are there, but by the time the meeting is ready to get started two people show up and they showed up because you said there would be food. Hits them like a ton of bricks and they quit. Maybe not immediately but it slows them down. So they don’t approach anyone and the business fizzles out.

Start thinking of some of the other scenarios that might occur that are sometimes fatal or at least leaves wounds. None of these are in Mark’s course but the ones in the course are so dead on it is eerie nad hurtful.
This is the situation. These things will most likely happen. There is no stopping them. You can let them come, and just have the “business mind” beliefs I spoke of in previous articles, or you can try to anticipate some of them and realize that it is the normal course to six figures in your network marketing business. I have gone thru allot of them and they have slowed me down immensely. If someone would have told me they where coming moved on quicker. Instead I spent months bogged down by the diseases, plateauing for long periods of time. I think leaders need to be more honest once they are working with someone and tell them that these are normal hurdles instead of trying to hide them and pretend that everything is about positive thinking.


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