Are you Struggling? Are you Coachable? I started the article thinking that I was going to just give you a couple of pointers on network marketing but it ended up being an article on how to be coachable. If you are contemplating being a network marketing professional or have been around for a while but don’t seem to go anywhere this is a very important subject. Because Network Marketing is different than most traditional businesses.  One of the most valuable assets in network marketing is the build in coaching system. People in network marketing unlike most traditional businesses,  are willing to help you build your business. All for little to no cost to you. They usually get rewarded when you do well. But even tough this is true don’t be afraid to outgrow your coaches and even pay for coaching. Do you think Butch Harmon didn’t charge Tiger Woods.


Here are some points about being coachable.

1. Not everyone is coachable and you can’t force someone to be coachable. Coachability comes from within the person. It comes from the ability to listen to someone else advice.

“Never will I allow myself to become so important, so wise, so dignified, so powerful,that I forget how to laugh at myself and my world. In this matter I will always remainas a child, for only as a child am I given the ability to look up to others; and so longas I look up to another I will never grow too long for my cot.” -Og Mandino

Don’t try to make someone coachable either they are ready or they are not.

2. Be coachable yourself-  To be coachable you need to be able to take advice because you know and understand that you are not all knowing . You make mistakes just like anyone else.

3. As a coachable person you know that it is just a fact that not all advice is good but you should be able to take the advice, evaluate it’s usefulness objectively and follow if necessary. Many people that are uncoachable will take in the information and dismiss it without consideration. Sometimes while talking to distributors I can see that they are hearing me but not listening . They have no intention to follow the advice.

4. This does not mean that you need to follow everything that your sponsor tells you. It means that you should follow your companies business plan and find someone that can mentor you. That might be your sponsor but it might not. Find someone that is on the next stage of your development and ask them for help. You need to be willing to listen and follow advice (did I already say that- repetition).

5. Don’t waste your coaches time when you make an appointment be there rain, snow or sleet, show up. Don’t self sabotage

6. Network Marketing is different than most traditional businesses, be willing to try new things. The role of your coach is to guide you to success. Sometimes we know what the road to success is but we do not do the things necessary to get there. So when a coach gives you an assignment and you don’t finish it or don’t do it at all you need to find out “why”. Be open to self discovery. It might just change your life.

7. Committed to change- many times you can be caochable just because you want to change. You are sick and tired of being in the same situation all the time. But if you are not open to change you will not be coachable.

8. Open to information about themselves- to be coachable you need to be able to take criticism and appreciate new perspectives.

9. A coach does not have to be more talented than you. They just have to be able to guide you. Just take a look at Tiger Woods or any great athlete.

Find someone you respect within your industry. Someone that either has gone trough what you are going through and made it successfully to the other side or has helped others do it. Sometimes finding someone that is just above the level that you want to be is better than finding someone that is light years ahead. The person just above you can hoist you up and then you can move on to the next level maybe taking them with you. Don’t be afraid of finding someone that has just done what you want to do. You probably can get more from them than a guru who has no time for you. You can always outgrow your coach or mentor.

What are some other points on being coachable?

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