Stop Jumping From Company to CompanyStop joining every company that comes along. In reality I like people that jump from company to company, they believe in the power of network marketing. They see the opportunity they just believe they have not found the right one. This is an exiting subject for me because it’s part of my mission statement to help people rediscover there original purpose for looking at network marketing. Most people that decide to start their network marketing journey due so because a small spark that they had hidden was ignited. They started to dream of the possibilities again even if that possibility is to just make a little extra each month to save.


This might just have to be experiential instead of intellectual but I will answer some questions I get anyway. I’ve gone through several companies myself and I know many success stories that begin the same way. Some of the top pin levels in many companies have gone to four or even ten companies before they find the “secret”.

So let me tell you the “secret”. But before I give you the “secret” let me go over a couple of things that might help.  I stated in a previous article most people that join network marketing do it because a friend or someone they trust introduced them to this brilliant compensation plan and they make an emotional buying decision. With some hesitation and skepticism they truly believe that this is their way out of the rat race. Not realizing that there might be countless other possibilities. What happens next is sad for probably 95% of would be network marketing professionals. Either they immediately turn around try a couple of sales and when they fail they give up and blame the company or just give up and state that it is not for them. Others will continue to work hard and after several month of working hard they figure that it is not them, it is the company, so they jump ship to another company and do the same thing.


I propose that there is another way. I propose the “novel” idea of actually researching the company as if you where going to buy it. I joke by saying novel but the challenge is that most people that join network marketing companies have no business experience and those that do seem to throw it out the window when they make their decision to join in their new venture. I did the same thing when I joined my first company. Since I have joined several business for different reasons. One was to get the discounted products, another was to get the knowledge of the leaders, but I only have one primary that I use to build residual income.


What should you look for in a company. I am not a track betting kind of guy but I thought that this analogy would work well here. This is how I would look at a horse in a race. When analyzing a bet at the track you can go on feeling or you can be a little bit more scientific about it. Even with all the science behind it it is still a gamble- but I believe it will give you a better chance.


So in this analogy the

1.first thing I would check would be the kind of track that the horse will be running in. What industry does the company that you are looking at specialize in?

Health and Nutrition, Cosmetics, Jewlery, Telecommunications, financial and legal services the possibilities sometimes seem endless.

2. The second thing would be the horse. Is it sick or strong? Does it have all four legs, has it had many injuries, is it week and dying or is it strong? This is a little harder to gauge since sometimes even the top distributors will be making thousands of dollars one day and the next the company closes it’s doors. Th company is obviously not going to announce that it is closing soon. So dig a little. How long have they been around? Are they a start up?

3.Who are the jockeys are they any good? What is the companies leadership strength? Where did they get started? Find about the people behind the company it will tell you what they have done in the past?

4.And finally what are the rules of the race? In other words what is the compensation plan rules? What are the profit margins, monthly requirements, initial requirements, requirements to get paid the residual income?

If you where introduced to a company by a friend or someone you trust chances are they did not do their research either. They where probably taken in by the marketing as well.
I have heard distributors say that they were making money with company xyz and then the company decided to change the rules and they have lost their livelihood over night. So even if you been with the company take the time to check it’s background. The problem with network marketing companies is that you do not own the company so things can change and no one is asking you if it will affect you.


So what is the “secret” to success in any of the companies. It is you. It is about your knowledge, commitment, determination and learning curve. So before you move on to the next company think about doing some research first. Figure out your interests. Network Marketing spans the whole gamut of products and services these days from there is something for anyone that wants to make network marketing a career.


It’s funny I don’t have much attrition in my team I think beyond the fact that my company is very diverse and you can specialize in an industry and change to learn which one you are interested in. I believe that taking the time to establish a strong relationship with the people that you personally sponsor makes a huge difference whether they will leave or not.


Before you jump companies do your research and realize that it is most likely not your companies fault it might be a lack of proper knowledge or the application of that knowledge. Besides my primary company I found a company that is totally dedicated to your success in spite of what business you are involved in. It comprises some of the greatest leaders in the industry teaching you their secrets for a free training check out this Recruit Leaders Now put in your name, email address and gain access to an awesome training and stop jumping ships.


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