I wrote about this on a previous post but it is such an important point that it bears repeating from a different perspective. Secret To Success Discovered!There are a greater amount of perfectionist in the planet than you think. Well, at least there are more folks that use the disguise of “perfection” to not go out of their comfort zone. I am not just speaking of you, I am also speaking to yours truly. There has been too many times that I have used the disguise of knowing all things before taking the first move. In my marketing business that can be very negative. stop making excuses and- just do it. Anything in life has to come into being with the first step. Brain surgeons, chiropractors, skydivers, hand gliders, and even networkers all have to take their initially action before they are any good.

I hear it in my networking business all the time. Leads and recent distributors saying things similar to ” Well I need to discover how the business works for me before I recommend it to others, or I don’t feel at rest recommending the business until I know how it works first. We do it because we imagine we are being sincere and moral. It’s not your fault for years you were penalized in school for being wrong. But in fact we are being selfish. We are preventing others from experiencing success because we are afraid to just do it. If you want to do well in network marketing you have to live by the motto – Fire, Ready, Aim. This is included in every aspect of your enterprise. put an end to trying to be perfect. Get over your fears- show the business, make the call, sell the products. You will never get what you want until you practice.
I was listening to Mark Hoverson the other day and he hit on a case study that was very interesting to me. It took a little digging but I found the source. It came from a story out of a book called Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking by Davisd Bayles & Ted Orland.
The case was that of a ceramics teacher that on opening day separated his class into two groups. He then went on to announce that the people on the left side of the studio would be graded only on the quantity of work they produced, and that the people on the right would be graded only on their quality. On the closing day of class he would bring in his bathroom scales and weigh the work of the “bulk” group: fifty pound of pots rated an “A”, forty pounds a “B”, and so on. Those being graded on “quality”, however, needed to make only one pot -albeit a perfect one – to get an “A”.
“Well, came grading time and a strange fact emerged: the works of highest quality were all produced by the group being graded for bulk. It seems that while the “bulk” group was busily churning out piles of work – and learning from their errors – the “quality” group had sat theorizing about perfection, and in the end had little more to show for their efforts than grandiose theories and a pile of dead clay.
I believe that this incident can be extended to many other areas in our lives. I know that there are a lot of people within the networking industry that never even get of the ground because they want to know everything and be perfect before they go out there and present. In my own personal life I have been putting off doing videos because I feel self conscious on being judged.
This phenomenon brings to mind the phrase “practice makes perfect” but the unfortunate thing is that in my mind that phrase right away brings up “perfect practice makes perfect.” This thought has stopped me many times. Have you ever looked up to one of your mentors and said to yourself “I can’t do this because he is so much better. How can I do what he does?” Well your mentor was not that good when they started. Part of the introduction to the book previously mentioned comes to mind;
“This is a book about making art. Ordinary art. Ordinary art means something like: all art not made by Mozart. After all, art is rarely made by Mozart-like people; essentially-statistically talking-there aren’t any people like that. Geniuses get made once-a-century or so, yet good art gets made all the time, so to equate the making of art with the workings of genius removes this intimately human activity to a strangely unreachable and unknowable place. For all practical purposes making art can be examined in great detail without ever getting entangled in the very remote problems of genius.” –from the Introduction Art & Fear.”
With the right company you just have to be a good networker to make a very good lifestyle. If you are comparing yourself to the genius in your company you will stop yourself unless you have an extremely strong sense of self confidence. So go out there and find out what your first step is and take it. I guarantee that if you do it you will get better at it. Whatever IT is.

Action beats a perfect plan and perfect is the enemy of good enough.

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