The Rubber Band Trick!!

John comes in the other day to get trained on some of the computer basics in our business. John is one of these people that when you mention computers his shoulders get tense, his face gets tight and he immediately starts playing the “I am not good at computers” tape. Computers are an integral part of most businesses these days, so avoiding them is foolish and out of the question. I am pretty patient with people but if they continue on a negative path it’s a waste of my time as well as theirs.

“OK, lets change gears.”- I told him.“Here”-I gave him a rubber band and told him to wear it.

“What for?” He asked. Well just put it on for now. So he did. After a couple of minutes he was starting to get negative again so I quickly took the rubber band and snapped him.

“Ouch, what you do that for?” He cried out.

“Just to interrupt you.” I replied.

So we get going again and he starts the negative talk again so I snapped him one more time.

“Ouch, that hurt.” He cried out.

“It’s suppose to.” I replied. “John every time that you start on your negative pattern, every time you find yourself going down a negative path. I want you to snap yourself as hard as you can. Then there is the second step. I want you to change the negative to a positive. For example if you get around the computer and you here you self say I can’t do this, this is too difficult, this is going to take forever- SNAP! Then change it to a positive affirmation such as I can do this with ease or How can I get this done with the greatest ease and more fun?” 

I use this technique from time to time on myself. If I go to a party where I am tempted to criticize, I will take a rubber band and snap myself.

Wear the rubber band for the next seven days and every time you catch yourself in a negative pattern just Snap and change. You will be amazed at what happens in seven days.

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