How you can Reach Happiness in the Next 10 Minutes without drugs. What are Goals? Be careful, reading this whole article could change the way that you view your life and make you happier. I know, I know this is a huge claim. The good thing is that it i not about me changing you it is about you changing you. I am sure that someone like you already knows that people that write their goals down are much more likely to reach them than those that don’t. My question is “ Is life all about reaching your goals?” ,“Will reaching your goals make you happy? Is there a way to reach your goals and reach happiness and success at the same time? My answer to the last question is obviously a resounding -yes! It requires you to change your thinking, have a plan and some ground rules. Let me explain. I’ve worked with dozens of people on goals. That is one of the fundamentals of network marketing. Writing your goals, and figuring your reasons why.

Imagine if you are working two hours with someone on really digging and finding what their goals are, writing them down, creating an action plan, really digging to find a why and 3 month later there is really no change. It is frustrating. I have done it myself. It is what prompted me to write this article. I want to find a better way. I think I have. It has been working for me. So I will give it to you free of charge.

So what are the beliefs that will help you reach happiness in the next Ten Minutes.

  1. It is a life process- Goals and goal setting is a life process not an event. It should be a way for you to reflect on your purpose and your why. It is a way to measure , monitor and adjust what you want from your dash. On your tomb stone there usually will be a birth date and a death date. In between the two there is a dash. You have no control of your birth and really no control of your death. What will you do with that dash? That is what regular reflections on your journey will help you focus on.
  2. Focus on the fun of life as much as possible. Life is a series of ups, plateaus, and downs. It’s more like a stock chart than a straight line. Is your life stock going up, is it staying the same or going down? If you can just accept that fact then you can immunize yourself (another article on this concept- check out the link on the authors box) and emphasize the positive to the maximum, minimize the negative to almost non existence and work through the flat points in your life. You can live life happy.
  3. Make life a whole body experience- When the positive things happen in your life take them in and enjoy every single moment. Enjoy the sound, the taste, the colors, the feeling. Make the positive moments memorable, make them last. Make the negatives role of your back. Like if you were coated with Teflon. I will expand on how to use this to your advantage on my next article. You need to use this for your motivation.
  4. Life is an adventure- life on this earth is short. I know that some will argue with me on this point. But I believe that those that want a relationship with the one true God will experience eternal life, those that don’t will cease to exist. It is not a chosen few, it is based on your acceptance of God’s plan and your relationship with him. Only you and God will know that. I am not making any judgments as I am not qualified to do so. Some people are so unhappy here that the thought of eternity is boring. I believe we will have a chance to explore, seek, and learn.
  5. There are no failures- the only people who fail are those that just quit or don’t even try. Someone commented on a post I placed in facebook with this quote. -As Peter LaFleur would say, “I found that if you have a goal, you might not reach it. But if you don’t have one, then you are never disappointed.”  As clever as the statement is, it is false. The world is full of people that don’t have goals and are very disappointed. Setting goals has nothing to do with disappointment. It is the meaning you place behind not accomplishing the goal that brings the disappointment. The people that beat themselves up for not accomplishing their goals have a loser mentality. That mentality will leave many scars that will prevent future success.
  6. It is all about balance- many people that are seemingly successful by worldly standards are very unhappy. Because so many people struggle financially people equate the amazing of wealth as the ultimate success. Even tough we say money is not everything subconsciously that is the first thing we are drawn to when measuring success. In our heads if we could just have the toys, financial success, adventures then our life would be successful. When messuring other peoples success we do the same. What car do they drive? What vacations do they take? What house do they live in?
  7. Cease the moments- Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. I am not saying that you should be irresponsible but that you should always be measuring everything that you do with your ultimate plan.

So what are goals? Are goals just meaningless accomplishments or the way to truly be happy? Now that you have read the whole article I want to help you experience your life to the fullest. After all that is my mission. So on my next article I will go over how to design goals that will truly guide and motivate change. What are your thoughts?

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