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How to Become a Professional in the Network Market Industry?Network marketing is about networking, it is about word of mouth advertising. I just came to understand this over the last couple of years. Network Marketing is about connecting, telling and selling. The reason so many people fail in network marketing is because they haven’t a clue on how to network or market. They believe or are lead to believe that all they need to do is talk to all of their friends, introduce those friends to some of the products and their business will explode. After all it is just math – 2 people lead to 4 people that lead to 8 people and so on a d so forth. It’s nice to think that way, but as you know it does not happen that way.

There is allot more factors at play. A while back I had been struggling with the fact that there are many people in my organization that are not doing as well as I was. Not only was I struggling with that I was also having a rough time generating enough leads to match my goals. I realize that many in the industry have the same difficulty so I decided to study networking. Os here is a quick summary of some of the things that I have gathered and maybe they will able to help you.

Don’t just network within your company. Go outside of your company and find the best in the industry to learn from. Not only should you be looking to learn from them you should be figuring out how to grab their attention. Conditions in the market change, companies come and go, people change. Some of these movers and shakers you meet to day might become your best distributors.

Master the art of loose connections- Malcolm Gladwell has done a great job at explaining networking in his book Tipping Point. He writes about connectors, the people that are masters at forming weak links. Tomas Stanley the author of the Millionaire Next Door would describe these people as affluent. One of the things that stood out for me the most was that those that are considered connectors are not looking at everyone as a large investment of time and money. In other words they are not trying to make best friends with everyone they like meeting people and have just find interacting with people pleasant. I have been blessed with several of these people in my life. Have you ever hear about the the six degrees of separation, I had but I did not really know how it worked. Gladwell explains the way that the six degrees of separation works. He goes over the experiment by Stanley Milgram did in the 1960′s that started the whole idea of the six degrees of separation. What I did not know is that it is not that we are connected by six individual people to everyone. We seem to be connected by what he calls connectors. Those central hubs of networking that keep us connected. If I think about it in my own life I am someone that likes to make close connections but I have been exposed to several connectors in my life. People that seem to know everyone. Gladwell alludes to the fact that being a connector is an inborn ability. Because some of my first studies into success where from Anthony Robbins and NLP I refuse to believe that Gladwell is correct in his assessment. I believe anyone that is truly willing to study those people can emulate their metaprograsm. Gladweel does a great job in describing these metaprograms. I personally will be working on becoming more of a connector. So he is what I have been able to extract so far about connector.

  1. They are curious about people, they are interested in human interaction. Instead of just being people watchers there are a little more involved they are more like collectors of not necessarily friendships but connections.
  2. They are confident enough to talk to anyone and everyone it seems as if they are great conversationalist and like to gather information about others.
  3. They are sociable they are not only willing to start conversations it is a draw for them to talk to others.
  4. They have a positive energy about themselves.
  5. They are givers not takers they are not there to find out how this person can give to them they are learning about the person for the sake of interest. – This is an important distinction, I see so many Network Marketers being as Ryan B would call it desperate.

For futher information I suggest that you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point. To be able to learn how to make connections with these people there is a great book by the author of ‘The Millionaire Next Door” called Networking with the Affluent. Connect with me on facebook or work with me by filling the form to the right.  

Learn How to be a Giver and a Taker in your Network Market.

Learn How to be a Giver and a Taker in your Network Market.So many people that are in network marketing have the wrong idea of how the law of attraction works. Not only do they believe that all they have to do is sit down on their couch and that everything they want will appear they also have an entitlement mentality they believe that if someone truly cares that they will just give and they are more than willing to just take. If you want to learn How to Network Market you have to learn the art of give and take. I am sure you have had it happen to you before the guy or gal that sends you an email telling you that if you really cared about people you would not charge for your services. That you are a hypocrite because you take peoples money for helping them. I got to say even though I don’t recall ever being the type of person that has acted it that manner I have been the person that believed that you needed to give everything for free. But that is the subject of another article. Today I want to explore how to be a giver and a taker.


  1. If you constantly believe that others should give out of the kindness of their heart and you feel that they should help you for free you are a taker.If you feel that people should comment on your post just because it is a great post you are a taker.
  2. If you feel that just because you post something on facebook offering the “greatest business opportunity in the world”  thinking that you are giving -you are really a taker.
  3. If you go to someones post and give a fake email name and phone number just to get someones training for free -you are a taker.

How to be a Giver

A giver is not someone that necessarily gives everything for free. A giver understands that it is not beneficial to someone without expecting an exchange of some sort. Actually giving to someone without them giving back will violate one of our ingrained reactions. In the book Influence by Robert Cialdini he writes about Reciprocity. One of the interesting stories is about the Hare Krishna at the airport. People use to hate to take the roses they were offering because as much as they did not want to they felt compeled to donate and when they didn’t they felt guilty.

  1. A giver is someone that when they are giving or even selling they understand that they are providing more value than they are receiving.
  2.  A giver bothers to learn what their target market needs and fulfills that need to the best of his ability. Again not someone that just plasters their opportunity on facebook and thinks because their business is the best one in the world that they are giving.
  3.  A giver would be someone that takes the time to comment. Like Ryan Biddulph ( “Home Based Success”) he gives by taking the time to just comment on peoples blogs.
  4. A giver could just be someone that gives smiles or positive vibes to people, someone that uplifts rather than dump on others all the time. Someone that listens rather than talk. Not that they can’t talk or find counsel in someone they trust. Because a giver knows how to receive as well.

Learn How to be a Giver and a Taker in your Network Market.We all give and take, some of us are out of balance. Some people give to much and resent it, so even tough it appears they are giving spiritually they are taking. Some people are takers and they don’t understand why they are not getting ahead. Yet others have learned to live in balance.

There are different areas of our lives as well so you might be a giver at work but at home you are a taker and it is affecting your relationship. The important thing is to identyfy where you are a giver, where you are a taker. Are you in balance? Sometimes when establishing a relationship you end up giving alot more than receiving but this should only be temporary. Who in your life whether it is in business or in relationship is a giver or a taker? You might want to identify and get rid of those people that are takers in your life or busness. Hope that I gave you some good information today. If you would like to reciprocate just LIKE my facebook page and we can call it even. LOL. You will find that I like to give more than take. Have a blessed day!

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