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Network Marketing Curriculum for the Pro

Network Marketing Curriculum for the ProThis article is for those people that really want to make money at Network Marketing. Don’t fool yourself! To make any real money at network marketing, you need to become a pro. To become a pro at network marketing, you need a certain basic skill set. The good thing is that it is a learned skill set. So lets see what your curriculum should look like. A note of caution: Don’t use this as an excuse to spend all your time learning and organizing and not building your business. All these skills are “hands on” skills. They are best learned by doing- not by reading, listening or philosophizing. So get out there and do it! I will try to put the list in order of importance. Just keep in mind that the skills are like juggling. Each skill is not isolated by itself. They all work together.


1. Motivation- The first skill you need to learn is self motivation. Without this skill, your business will not even get started! Re-programing your subconscious is the number one skill in this subject. NLP has done a great job of detailing what you can do to change your subconscious mindset. Some great textbooks for this subject are: Awaken the Giant Within, and Unlimited Power  by Tony Robbins, and The Greatest Salesman in the World and Success University by Og Mandino

2. Marketing and Lead Generation- this is the next skill even before basic business skills like accounting and office management. Because with out possibilities there will be no business. As you start in your studies you realize that the very successful in Network Marketing usually excel at just one maybe two marketing methods. Maybe it is Internets based like pay per click, article marketing , social media or blogging. Maybe it is person to person like cold calling, warm market or just meeting people at the mall. The important thing is to realize that you just need to pick one or maybe two. Start using it to generate leads. When you get to 10 to 50 leads a week depending on the method then you can specialize in the next lead generation method. When I first started in my lead generation specialty I found myself overwhelmed trying to accomplish everything. It is impossible.

A must have textbook for this is Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. A 30 dollar book that could change the course of your business, it has changed mine. It also has created a whole movement within the Network Marketing Industry. With Magnetic Sponsoring in your possession the next program you should check out is My Lead System Pro. They have a Wednesday weekly hour class that is all about generating leads for your business. Check out the next free class here.

3. Lead Conversion-Just because you generate leads it does not mean that you can convert those leads into distributors. Your next step after learning how to generate leads is to learn how to turn those prospects into distributors. This can be automated, but the final process is going to include interpersonal skills and relationship building. David Wood’s Perpetual Funnel System is the text book class for this. I am just going trough this course and it is awesome.

4. Presentation- Presentation skills is part of your lead conversion but it deserves a whole section on it’s own. We have a saying in network marketing – the person that holds the marker makes the money. You need to become a professional presenter. I don’t mean that you need to be the best presenter in the world knowing all the advance technique. This is more of an internship skill. You watch people doing it, then you jump in and do it yourself. These days it is wise to learn how to do webinars which are just seminars done over the internet. Learn your plan, ask your up line for a script. Scripted or outline is the first step then you will take the next step and make it your own the important thing is that you get out there and do it you will never be a professional unless you get out there. Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Blueprint.

4. Basic business skills-  Surprisingly this could be very simple but you need to implement some basic systems for accounting. This is such a basic skill for any business that they are regular college classes for this. I don’t believe you need to go through that but asking your accountant for some advise I think would suffice.

5. Team management- Team work makes the dream work. Team management is the skill that will liberate you and make you the residual income. This is a skill that does not need to be learned immediately because initially your team will be just you. It’s hard to build a team with just one person. You need to develop leads convert them. Once you do that and begin to build a team then you want to manage that team. Many people make the mistake of either micro managing their team or try to control their distributors. Neither of these approaches will lead to ultimate time freedom. You need to learn this very important skill in order to automate your business and truly get a residual income. I know people that are making very good money as network marketing pros but they are tied to there business because they have not learned how to effectively manage their team. Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Blue Print is a great program for this purpose.

Check me out on Facebook  and look for My Lead Generation for Beginners Program coming soon!

Quiz: Are you a Network Marketing Pro?

Quiz: Are you a Network Marketing Pro?

Are you a Pro

Are you a Network Marketing Pro? A Pro or a professional in this sense of the word is someone that engages in a chosen profession. Someone that decided to follow a calling that requires specialized knowledge and many times intensive training. According to Websters it can even take the form of someone that is participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs.

Most people in the network marketing industry are amateurs, hobbyist that believe and delude themselves into thinking they are in business. Don’t get me wrong I am not putting anyone down, it just that 97% of the people in our profession are failing. The reason they are failing is not because the industry is not a viable industry. The industry is flourishing more now than ever.

Over the last couple of years I have been trying to figure out what makers those that succeed and those that fail in network marketing different. Mainly because I was one of those that was struggling. Why do some people make it and others don’t? The main thing that I discovered is that it comes down to some simple basics. They decided to become network marketing pros. How professional are you in your network marketing business?


Rate each one: 0- Never do it 1- Seldom do it 2- Occasionally do 3-Do Often but not consistently

4- Do all the time/ have mastered it.


  1. _____Treat your business like a business- How many professionals do you know that do their profession as a hobby? Most Networkers that struggle treat their business as a hobby. Have you learned you companies business plan in and out? Do you know the language of communication in the industry? Not the company jargon that your prospects don’t understand, but the communication skills you need to relate to your prospects.
  2. _____Be Proud of what you do- professionals are clear in why they do what they do. A pro took an oath to a calling. If you don’t like the Network Marketing Business get out.
  3. _____Find your teachers- Unlike a profession like Lawyers or Doctors. There are no set colleges or university to teach you Network Marketing. There are no official internships. It is up to you to educate yourself. You don’t have an official guidance counselor. The best way to get your education is to go to live events. Find someone that is doing and living the way you would like and follow their lead. That might even be your sponsor it can definitely be someone in your up line. Do you have a mentor or a coach that can lead you to where you want to go?
  4. ______Continuing education and re-licensing are required.- As a professional you are never done learning you are always studying. Do you go to live events on a regular basis?
  5. ______Find your way to connect- Everyone can figure out a way to connect. Your way to connect should fit with your personality. It should fit with who you are. If you don’t want to approach your friends and family- don’t. Find another source of leads. But know that without leads you don’t have a business.
  6. ______Grow your business to full time- full time income I should say. Because the whole point of network marketing is to have better control of your time and money. That is the main attraction to Network Marketing- the lifestyle.
  7. ______Take responsibility- As a professional you are dedicating yourself to be the best in what ever you chose. As a Network Marketing pro not only have you committed to responsibility in yourself but to those that bought into you. To your team. You must succeed so that others can succeed. Don’t accept mediocrity because of your fears and hangups.

1-14- This is your chance to go from amateur to professional, use what you have learned to go to the next level. 14-20- Step it up, take your business more seriously. 21-27 – You are doing great just focus on consistency.

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