How to Network Market? Objections II  Is This a Pyramid Scheme? After you have read this short article, you will feel more confident in your ability to fill this objection anytime with any person. You will recognize that objections are part of the back and forth of any relationship.

Is this a pyramid? (I think the video is the funniest (thank you Pat Petrini). I have dealt with people like this before, now I just go on to the next person).

It all depends on when you are hearing this objection is it before your presentation or after your presentation? Both are due to the fact that you are presenting in such a way that it triggers this thought in their mind. So watch what you say, but sometimes it does not matter what you say you will be asked this inquest. The worst thing that can happen is that you are not prepared for this moment. So let me give you some answers and pre-framing.

If you are asked before your presentation. The conversation could go like this.

  • Is this a pyramid scheme?
  • NO.

-That is it. Clear and simple. It is also the frame of mind that you say it with. I kind of snicker to myself when I say no. Because it is just funny that someone would even ask me that. Why would I be involved in a pyramid scheme?

Are you beginning to see how in my team we just keep it simple. Little by little you begin
to feel relaxed and willing to just do it. So lets turn to what happens if you get this argument after you have shown the opportunity.
First don’t take yourself to seriously. This is when you get so nervous and start stuttering. So keep it light but lead them.

  • Is this a pyramid scheme?
  • What do you mean like your job?
  • What do you mean like my job?
  • Where you work do you you have a boss?
  • Yes.
  • Doesn’t your boss have a boss?
  • Yes.
  • Doesn’t your bosses boss have a boss?
  • Yes.
  • Isn’t there a general manager, vice president, president, CEO. Doesn’t the guy at the top make the big money. You get my position. Look that is a great beginner question. Pyramids are not legal, unless that government does it then it is called social security. In an illegal pyramid scheme there usually is no product or service being sold. It is all about money being exchange for recruiting people. So in other words there is no real money being made because there is no consumers. Just folks exchanging money until someone ends up with a bag of nothing.  Now folks confuse mlm and network marketing with pyramid schemes because the managerial structure looks like a pyramid, but so does every corporation (IBM, Microsoft, and your job). By and large the people at the top, or the executives, have all the responsibility and also make all the dough. The folks at the bottom have little chance of ever making large sums of hard cash. But with XYZ we level the playing field. The reason mlm gets such a bad rap is because unlike your job in Network marketing you get paid not as an employee but as a business owner. The responsibility is on you. Most people don’t know how to make the transition from employee to business owner. The awesome thing about network marketing is that it offers you this education if you are willing to take on the challenge.

Now I would like to have you experience what it is to be a professional in network marketing and what it is to work with an experience team. What we do is we preframe that within our presentation. We do it throughout the presentation but it can be done very simply by anticipating the objection and showing the benefits of working with you. So most business plans have a page where you are showing the organizational structure. When you get to that page you can say something like;


  • Now this is where I started getting concerned when I saw the structure. It looks like any corporate structure where the CEO at the top is making all the money and the secretary at the bottom has no chance of being helped by the CEO to get to the top. I knew it was not a pyramid scheme because first pyramid schemes are illegal except when the government does it (they call it social security) and the company is X amount of years old with great standing in the Better Business bureau. On top of that in pyramids products and services don’t get moved. Our company does x amount of sales per year. Now I was still concerned because I did not want to be in a company where the person at the top makes all the money and the people at the bottom have no chance. So even tough we are structured that way we do not function in the same way.


Are you beginning to see how easy this could be? In our team we provide incredible value in exchange for loyalty and commitment. We teach you how to network market Now I would like to help you experience the success and adventure that you have been seeking in your business- go to the right fill out your name, email and phone number and get a free 1hr seminar and I will call you soon. Have an excellent day.

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