How to Network Market? Objection  I Dont have the Time

I Don't have time.

Rare thinking people like yourself already realize that having a good team is vital when building a network marketing company. Duplication needs to be simple. So as we go over these objections remember the KISS (Keep it Simple S) principle. You want to now without hesitation respond to the question and at the same time lead the prospect. Lets go over the next inquest on this series on How to Network Market- 7 Objections. Maybe today I can go over several.

Again these objections can be answered in several different ways, the best way is what you feel at rest with. This is a frequent question so pick one or two answers and commit them to memory. For the answers I am going to use the familiar- feel, felt, found formula. In this case -I aling yours truly with their point of view, I tell them why, then I tell them my reasons for changing my previous views.

I don’t have any time.

Let me ask you a question if you continue to do what you are doing today for the next 5 years, will you have more time or less time?
Less time.
I can appreciate that. I use to feel the same way, especially in today world- no one seems to have time. With jobs demanding more and more time and paying us less, it leaves barely time to spend with out families. But I realized that we all have 24 hours a day and that if I did not prioritize 8 to 10 hours per wk to do something different I would just spend my life struggling and never reaching my dreams. I don’t want to wake up five years from now and find myself in the same state of affairs. With that it mind could you prioritize 8 hours per wk?
Then here is our next step….

So are you beginning to see how this could help in your business. Let’s continue reading on to the next objection-
How to Network Market? Objection  I Dont have the Time“I have to think about it.” or “I have to talk to my Husband (or wife/significant other/partner/ dog/cat/ accountant/ out of work brother in law/ uncle that has never made anything/ the people that I am thinking about approaching/etc.).”


Amazing how many permutations of this argument there are. The answer is basically the same.
A really small amount of our population genuinely have to have all the facts before they make a decision. folks don’t buy because they think, people buy because they feel. Commonly this objection is a blow off. They just don’t want to say they are not interested. So your first objective is to find if they are blowing you off, in which case- Some will, Some Won’t, So What, Next.
Sometimes people are intimidated and don’t like change. So they try to slow the progress down. The challenge is that this will usually lead to a good prospect making the wrong choice because of lack of guidance. You goal is to lead them by showing them a different view.


I can appreciate that _________ . I felt the same way when I was firt making the decision. It was a little unnerving to make a big decision without first knowing everything or having some approval from someone else. Let me ask you this- What did you like best about what you saw? 

What positive changes do you see this making in your life? 

So without doubt you see the benefits. So why don’t I do this, because I think you are a good prospect and with your potential and our experience we can blow this thing up. Do you have ________(wife/uncle/partner) phone number handy? Why don’t we give them a call and I will adjust my schedule so that we can show them as soon as possible what you just saw.

Sometimes if their personality is more secure personality, it is easier to just say something like;

I know that you know you can do this. Tell me something what did you like most about what you saw? 
So obviously you see the benefits and know that you can do it. Why don’t we call _______ and schedule an appointmet for them to see what you saw. 

We have gone trough four different objections so far we have three to go. See you on the next article. If you would like to work with me and my team just enter your name, phone number and email address on the form to the right and I will see you then.



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