How to Network Market? How to Close Anyone!I want to talk about a program that has helped me in many different ways. It is Cedrick Harris’ How to close anyone anywhere. I have known and used personality types to close people many times before. But I like his classifications and approach to teaching them.

In order to close anyone anywhere you need to be a cameleon, you need to be in control of that persons reality and their perception of you and your business. People like to do business with people that are like themselves. You need to be at the top of your game. If you are brand new in the industry is an excellent program to get you started in the process of thinking as a professional. If you want to learn how to network you need to be a student of human nature. Contrary to popular belief what you are selling is not your product or your business it is you. The theory is that it is easier to close someone if you know what turns this person on and how to motivate them. So I will break down the personalities and give a brief description of who they would be. Obviously for a full in detail breakdown I suggest you check his program out.



Fire-Business like, get to the point, no drawn out presentation, don’t bored them with the facts.Show them what is in it for them. Put them in a situation that they are in control of the decision, they are motivated by acknowledgment. Show them pictures of the materialistic things, awards, of the trips that you have already been on. Listen to their ideas and agree with them. Create a challenge for them to make a decision and give them options don’t directly close them.

Ice-Opposite of Fire, they like the details in the presentation, they want to know what is in the products, how the math in the business works. They will be the ones that research the all the details of the company. Show them the details, don’t be to flashy. You are not going to sell them with the materialistic side.

Wind-Motivated by recognition of others, by approval. Focused on the future. Waste allot of times doing allot of unproductive things. They tend to talk rather than listen. They want to be part of the “in” crowd , share all the other cool people that you have involved, freedom from details. Talk to them about the fun fun, not so much about the money. Show them allot of pictures of people having fun at the live events.

Water-They allow things to run of their back, they are loyal and not motivated by money. They are about helping others. Motivate them by talking allot about helping others people, about how people are being helped by making more money. Talk to them the philanthropic activities of the company. How the products help others. Guide this person to the close and put pen to paper with them.

It is important for you to be able to identify the person you are going to be presenting to as soon as possible. Once you identify that persons personality then you can cater to that persons style of listening and motivation.


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