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What is the best way to complete to my articles on Answering Network Marketing Objections, in my How to Network Market classification? Glad you asked! It’s by listing resources for more study and places where I have found good information. Best of all, many of the resources are totally free! They are blogs done by industry experts. I’ve got to tell you, with some of the sites you will see the same arguments and reasoning. It’s not that they have copied each other, it’s simply because there is a finite set of objections, and therefore a fairly limited set of answers. Don’t get caught with your pants down! The critical thing is to make sure that you have responses to the objections that you are challenged with. You need to have the fortitude to deliver those replies well, and the leadership ability to guide the person who is objecting. Make sure that you have rehearsed your answer over and over, and that you can deliver it with a calm confidence. These are the basics of how to network market and how to be a network marketing professional. This is what will separate the amateurs from the professionals. Ray Higdon writes a great article on How to be Unmessable  and Todd Falcone does a funny video on the importance of practice (How You Might Sound If You Don’t Practice).

Some Free Sources;

Objection- I don’t have the money.- Toby and Layla handle the objection similar to how I do in-( Objection Handling: I Don’t Have the Money) but David Wood took a totally innovative technique (which I will be using the next time I get the objection) in his How to Avoid Burnout and conquer the No Money Objection for Good .


Objection- I will think about it- Toby and Layla answer this in Objection Handling: Get over the “ Think About It” Objection and 3 reasons Why they Say It in the First Place! David consolidates answers to all their objections in- There are only 4 real objections to anything. Some other places to look are Renee Harrison’s Top 5 Objections in Network Marketing and How to Handle Them Effectively  and my own articles

Some awesome paid resources have been Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring ($30) or his program Black Belt Recruiting with Mark Wieser ($195)

Cedrick Harris– Does a great job in his How to Close Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere.


So I hope you enjoyed this short article, and that some of these sources help you. I would love to hear any of your favorite answers and favorite sources- so leave a comment!

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