How to Make MoneyEvery day more and more people are looking for ways to learn how to make money from home. Well, for most people the way they make money is by getting a job. If they have a job and want to earn more, they either work extra hours, get over time or try to get a second job. These people have the mentality that you get a good job, work hard and retire rich. Unfortunately, we know that this is not true.


Some people go back to school so that they can get a better job. Is there anything wrong with this approach? No- this can be great for those that are good at school and can secure a lucrative career. But for many, this approach will never lead to lasting wealth. Robert Kiyosaki has been talking about this for years. So how do you make money from home?


Many people dream about owning their own business but never follow through because they don’t have the money, the time, or both. Most people don’t have the stamina or resolve to own their own business, and many that think they do fail after great loss. Let me give you a few suggestions and maybe these will spark some ideas for you:


Having your own virtual store-

In a virtual store you can sell anything from clothes to jewelry to books.

The pros to owning a virtual store are that you do not need to have a warehouse or a store front where you are paying rent. You can do it right out of your home. The cons are that in order to sell anything you need traffic. There are more web pages than there are people in the world, so for someone to find you just because you decided to make a web site is very unlikely. One way to get over this hurdle is by using the virtual outlets of places like Ebay, Craig’s list, or Amazon.

My dad sold books online for a while, making up to 900 dollars a week. What stopped him was the limitations of self employment. He was the buying department, research department and shipping and handling department. It takes time to do all of these things. If it takes five minutes to package each book and it takes 3 hours to purchase the books to sell, you can see how there becomes a limitation with time. He ended up going back to work after some time.


Be a content provider-

Another way is by providing content to your target market. Whether through subscriptions or e-books, information marketing is awesome and people make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year doing this in their own niche. I believe everyone has something of value that others would buy. Pros: it can be done from home, and you can even publish your material electronically. Cons: most people will have a large learning curve to get over.


Cash crate, inbox dollar-

You can make an extra few bucks per month very easily buy answering surveys, trying products and writing reviews. Pros: it can be done anywhere you have internet connection. Cons: it takes lots of time, it pays little, there is no leveraging, and no automation.


Affiliate marketing-

I hear a lot of people tell me that they are going to make hundreds with affiliate marketing. My question is always. How? They are sold a dream that they can just put a web site up and people will just flock to it. Even if you get 10,000 visitors to your web site and get 1 percent of them to click on your affiliates, how many will purchase?


Network Marketing-

My favorite of all home based businesses that can actually provide you with a true financial future with residual income is Network Marketing. Pros: it takes advantage of what every big business takes advantage of- leveraging. Leverage is huge for long lasting income potential. Leveraging other people’s time, knowledge and efforts. Everyone is doing a little and all are getting paid. It can be run as a small home based business, but it has a virtually unlimited income potential. It can be started part time, with little to no starting capital. Network marketing allows the average person to be able to open their own business with little to no experience. I personally believe that in the last 60 years, Network Marketing has proven itself to be a great supplemental income for many. So lets be honest- what are the cons? Like any business, it is a business, and there are no guarantees. I mentioned “supplemental income” because for most people it will not replace their full-time income. Most people in network marketing won’t make it big. I am not saying that because they can’t make it big. I believe that the majority of people, even those who are handicapped, can have productive lives and make it big (Just Google Nick Vujicic). But for whatever reason, the majority of people in network marketing will not make it big. Guess what? That doesn’t matter! For most people, $300 to $600 extra dollars a month would be a great change.

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