How to Make Money IVThis is my 4th post on How to make Money? Don’t forget the main thing. Money is an exchange of value or perceived value not a piece of paper. True wealth is not just about money.

So on previous articles we have talked about some of the basic ways to make money from home, and we spoke about the different ways that people make money. I could just make this article like all the others on the internet and answer the question of “How to make money?” with a whole bunch of little activities you could do to make a few extra bucks (it seems that this quick fix is what people think they need and want), but to beat an old proverb to death that would be like

“Giving you fish instead of teaching you how to fish.”

It comes down to something that I have posted on my blog before. It is about the fact that you first have to

BE then DO then HAVE.

If you try to do this out of order you will never reach your goal. Seriously I have tried in vain. In this article I want to talk about the difference between the people that seem to make money easily and those that seem to always struggle. This is the main subject of the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by The Harv Eker. If you are wanting to be wealthy and you have not reached that level yet you are missing a piece of the puzzle and I don’t mean that it’s some information that you don’t know. T Harv calls it your money and success blueprint.

I had a discussion recently with someone on a forum. I had posted something about the state of our economy and the possible outcomes that some believe will come to pass. He started rambling on how the rich flaunt their money. There was no flaunting mind you when I posted- just a quick post of interest on a subject of the forum. But he went on about his feelings about the wealthy. Others started chiming in on how the rich only care about themselves. It went on and on. You could tell who had money and who did not, and why. The post showed why he has struggled all his life with his finances. He has some major mental blockages. His mental programming will never allow him to become wealthy. I don’t mean he can’t have money. Have you ever hear the stories of the people that win big in the lottery and 4 to 5 years later they are broke, destitute and their life is in shambles. It is not money it is a state of being. Have you heard of wealthy people that have been homeless making a comeback?

You mind and habits will determine your level of wealth. What is stopping most people from making money or learning how to make money is not the job they have or the vocation they have chosen it is usually their mentality. I struggled with this for year in my practice and in my Networking Company. I would start something and then stop because I did not see immediate results it was not until I made a decision to do it whether I felt like it or not that things started turning around.

Some additional resources are Think and Grow Rich, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Rich dad poor dad, Rich Kid Smart Kid, and some of the works of Mark Hoverson. You really want to learn How to make money stop searching for the quick buck it will never make you wealthy. Wealth takes dedication, commitment, sacrifice. Not the next new business or scheme. Commit to becoming the person that would do the things you need to do to get the things you want to get.


So what is the difference between those that make it easy and those that struggle. Is it their education, financial background, choice of job, luck? None of the above, actually. T. Harv Eker ask this same question and he will tell you that each one of us has a financial blueprint. He states that it is this blue print more that anything that will determine your success. Once you are able to change this financial blue print money will come to you easily. Chances are that if you think like rich people and do what rich people do you will be rich too. In other words if you BEcome wealthy you will DO what the wealthy people DO and you will HAVE what the wealthy HAVE. The problem is that so many of us have financial baggage or scars.

“ I have stated that debt and lack of financial security can erode a person’s financial self-perception. In other words, if you have too many financial set backs or feel trapped by your need for a job and a paycheck security; your financial self confidence can get pretty rocky” Robert Kiyosaki

It is not easy to get out of a rut. It takes one of the hardest things -change. I know that the person I was 5 years ago is not the person I am today. That person had a lower capacity for earnings therefore that is what he earned. One of the hardest things I have had to become is consistent and committed. Most of us stop doing what is working way to soon, before it has time to show fruits.

If you truly want to make money and be financially free. You need to stop trying to find a quick way of making a buck and really make a lasting change. You need to change your financial blueprint. The best class I have attended for changing your financial future has been T. Harv’s class Millionaire Mind Intensive check it out. Click on the link put your name and email. If you want more info on Mark Hoverson click on his name. To check out one of the things I am doing and to get on my mailing list go to the right and enter your name and email in the box above. Have an excellent day!

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