How To Make Money? Insider Elevation Group Review.How to make money in our economy?I write this review in hopes that it will help those that are thinking of joining the Elevation Group because it is not for everyone. What is the Elevation Group? Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group is his attempt to navigate the vast ocean of financial information and glean the opportunities in the market today. It has paid off for him with more than a 300% return on his money from his investments. Realize that he is not an investment adviser and he does not claim to be one he is just an average Joe that has dedicated his last 6 years to researching the economy and learning from the wealthy in the market. One of his greatest discoveries has been the shift that is occurring in today’s market. With the apparent collapse of the worlds monetary system the investment game has changed. Actually the whole board of the game is a new one. The sad thing is that many are trying to hold on to the old board game. Claiming that history shows that the economy will cycle back, the problem with that thinking is that if they stand further away they would see a bigger picture picture that shows the forest from the trees.

I got to tell you this review is going to be biased and who ever tells you that they are not giving you a biased review is lying. I am a subscriber to the group. You can not stand on the outside and truly know the value of the information. I will tell you that the EVG is not for everyone. The EVG is not for those that want someone else to do the research for them. It is not for the person that wants someone to tell them what to do. It’s not for those that are still hopping that the economy is going to turn around. The elevation group is not for those that don’t want to take personal responsibility with their finances. It is not for the person that has a poverty mentality and is not willing to take control of their income streams. I’ve seen people that have joined the group hopping that Mike is going to tell them what to do and when to do it. They are expecting everything short of just taking their money and investing it himself. So if this is what you are expecting I definitely will tell you this is not for you.

The EVG group is for the person that knows that there is something awry and wants to learn how they can prepare and profit from it. EVG is for someone that wants to look over the shoulder of someone more experienced and learn something. It is for those that don’t have the resources, time and contacts to go out and actively sift trough the vast amount of information that is in the market today.

As the economy gets worse and our country economy starts taking a back seat this information will be more and more valuable for those that want to participate in the greatest economic wealth transfer in the history of the world.

As of this writing there are over twelve lessons ranging from making sure that you have enough survival provisions to all that you want to know if you are interested in investing in silver and gold. Check this link out Elevation Group for a free webinar. To work with Doctor Marcus and learn How to make money go to the top right and put in your email, phone number and name and I will get back to you. I hate spam so I won’t spam you.

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