What to do to Make money? In my Humble opinion, Networking.Ok on my last article I spoke about the mindset you will need to have in order to be successful in any money making endeavor. Let me go over what I had promised yesterday. What to do to make money? You should hands down above anything else do Network Marketing. Why? Because that is what I do. Just kidding. Just a little. No seriously I obviously am going to tell you Network Marketing because that is what I believe and I am making money in. I will nevertheless show you some good reasons too. But to be honest the perfect business is what fits you and network marketing is not the only business in the market today. Information marketing and affiliate marketing done properly are great businesses as well.


Network marketing is a great business for a new entrepreneur . It provides a great training ground, and I am not the only one that believes so. Robert Kiyosaki along with John Fleming and Kim Kiyosaki wrote a whole book on the merits of Network Marketing from the point of view of a traditional business. Not only does Robert own several successful businesses one of his main business now is to teach others how to change their financial status. So let me paraphrase some of the points that he goes over as well as some of my own.


  1. Legitimate- anyone that tells you that Network Marketing is a scam is totally ignorant of the last 50 years. They were probably burned by a bad company with poor management or by their own ignorance.
  2. Excellent way to build an asset- Your goal is not to have a few selling allot of product but to have many selling a few products. You are building a network of distribution for residual income. With some product lines you can also build a substantial front end income. Important in our economic condition these days.
  3. Most companies will give you access to some of the best training available in the self development industry. Like I have said before and I will continue to say, it is about the game you play in your mind that will determine your level of success. The goal is to stick around long enough for the light bulb to go on. Because it is an experiential skill not something you can learn from reading or listening to a lecture. I get to go to trainings now for 25 to 200 dollars as a network marketing professional that teach me the same things that I payed 650 a month for in my practice. And it is inexpensive to get started.
  4. Master Mind- When you register your business in networking you usually will have a team of experienced partners that are willing to help you accomplish your goal. People that have similar dreams and aspirations and many with the same dreams and hopes. They also come from many different walks of life. The interpersonal skills you will learn are amazing, and if you can not learn any interpersonal skills you can find people that do.
  5. It is duplicable- this is where the power of the business model shines, usually all you have to do is learn the basics, learn how to teach those basics and have others do the same. Your job is simple, build your basic building block and have others repeat that as well over and over and over.
  6. Remember on my last article when I spoke about goals. Well Network Marketing shines at this. Usually with any respectable company that is the first thing they are looking for. For you to dream big. Besides being a great way to sell you on their business it is a great way to get you motivated and irritated to get it done. Most people have lost their ability to dream. No one that has made any significant contribution to society has ever done it without a dream. Personal growth is tremendous in Network Marketing.
  7. You can control your time and your income- In Networking your income is controlled by how well you learn and apply the business. In most companies the income is virtually unlimited. At the same time you will have control of your time, you decide when you want to work and when you don’t. Just realize that your learning and unlearning curve is large at the beginning of your business.

Unfortunately not everyone is a great network marketing professional. In all honesty as much as I like to know why people succeed and don’t succeed and what has helped me. I don’t have any guarantees. But I will guarantee this- if you don’t change something nothing will ever change. Let me ask you this question if you continue to do what you are doing now will you end up where you want to be?

With the state of the economy especially the US economy there is not much time for you to amass some assets and investments to be able to ride out the storm. Some people believe that the biggest wealth transfer in history is going to happen within the next few years if not sooner. With the way the US is printing dollars it is just a matter of time before the house of cards falls down. There is no time to waste anymore.

If you want to know what me and my team are doing successfully to answer the question “What to do to make Money” then register at the right hand side and I will contact you.  I am looking forward to working with you. Have a great day!

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