What to do to make Money? Figure it out Yourself!

People pay for Value.

All of us have some money making idea right in our head. Better and more powerful than just filling out surveys online. Ideas that can fit with what you are currently doing right now or doing something totally different. And if you can’t figure one out this is a great time to develop one.I want to make a statement that a lot of people that are struggling or have struggled all their lives won’t like;


Your financial situation is a reflexion of your perceived value.


This is a great place to take out of context the scripture verse -ask and you shall receive. Over the next five days I want you to ask a question to yourself, but before we do that we need to be in the right frame of mind. We need to have you see yourself in a better light.


  1. Be at the top of your game-If you picture yourself on a ladder that has ten rungs. The top rung is the most passionate and exiting attitude you can have and the bottom rung is the least energetic point of your day. I want you to be at an 8 or a 9 when you ask your self the question. So what do you do if you are at a 4 or a 5? Well it is simple you get yourself exited, your are in control of your emotions.
  2. Control your emotions- How do you control your energy levels and your emotions? In most situations if you change your physiology and what you are picturing in your minds eye you will be able to change your outlook and energy levels. We are going to do both of these by doing what Anthony Robbins calls incantations- it has nothing to do with magic. Incantations are affirmations on steroids. Affirmations are unfortunately overdone and many times with out feeling. Incantations you are adding your positive physiology, changing your breathing and posture putting your whole body into it. I will be adding a video in my blog post that will show you the energy level and physiology to use. So here is an example of what you can say- Today in every way I am more valuable to my clients and they are willing to compensate me for it. – You say this out loud as you are walking with confidence around your room. Say it with feeling and passion. Get all of your body involved.
  3. Once you are at a level 8 or above and in a very creative state it is time to ask your self the question How can I add incredible value to other peoples lives while having fun? Write 3 answers a quickly as you can? Just let yourself be creative.

Do this for the next 5 days by the end you should have 15 ideas on how to make money. Now it is time for you to chose and take action.  Once you have done this leave a comment with how it helped.

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