What to do to Make Money? Awaken the Giant Within!One of the first books I ever read all the way through was Anthony Robbins’- Unlimited Power. His book lead me to an attitude that I have held for most of my life which is CANI- Constant And Never ending personal Improvement. Well today as I listen to some personal improvement audios I came across an old one by Anthony from Awaken the Giant Within I would like to share some of the insights as it relates to this subject. This article is not going to give you direct ways on how to make money but it should lead you to understand where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.

I will be paraphrasing some of what Anthony says here.

There are three true decisions in particular that will shape your destiny.

  1. What to focus on?- What your focus on will determine where your energy goes. If you focus on the brown in life that is where you will direct your energy. In the context of your search of ” What to do to make money”-try to stay away from sites that are negative, sites that are telling you that something is a scam or that it does not work this could fizzle out your small ember of change that you have started to develop.
  2. What things mean to you? What meaning you place on situations or circumstances will control not only your conscious decisions but your subconscious. Your true self will constantly struggle against incongruity in your life.Ex. In Network Marketing which is my niche- People sometimes believe they have to be super successful before the recruit anyone, they have to know everything before they can approach anyone. Because- if they can’t succeed at it how are others going to succeed at it.Unfortunately this kind of thinking is backwards. You will not succeed in network marketing this way.In their mind they are being moral and ethical, in my mind they are being egotistical. Your distributors should surpass you. The more distributors that surpass you the more successful you are and the more secure your business is.  True life example -I introduced my cousin to the business last year I lead him as far as I could and he has currently surpassed me in the business.
  3. What should I do now? I say Network Marketing- Just kidding, but seriously-Network Marketing.You should actually do what fits your personality. Unfortunately you won’t know until you try. I suggest something in which you have control over your time and income. 

If anyone is doing better than you in any area of life is because they are making these three decisions differently than you. If you let these decisions be shaped by chance you will have no control. That is probably why you are here trying to figure out what to do to make money. If you are not where you would like to be financially, in your relationships, or spiritually stop letting life and others make the decisions for you. Don’t live in what Anthony calls the Niagara syndrome, where the river of life just catches you in it’s current until you are caught up in the flow finding out that you are headed for the waterfall in a boat with no oars.


“Live in balance, not struggling with what you can not change, realizing what you can change, and live in peace as you change what seems unchangeable.” -Me


6 Quick Keys to Harness the Power of Decisions


  1. Remember the true power to make a decision and that  real decision is measured by taking action.
  2. True commitment when action flows from it.
  3. Make decisions often- muscles get stronger with proper use.
  4. Learn from your decisions.
  5. Stay committed to your decisions but be flexible to change-Ex. Imagine this scenario you want to live a certain lifestyle and you believe it takes 100,000 per year. You are 30 years old and the most you have made is 80,000 per year working 2 jobs. At this point you wonder and convince yourself that if you go back to school and become a lawyer you can work less and make even more than 100,000. You give 6 years of your life and some student debt as a sacrifice you get out and 10 year later you are now 46 and still don’t have the lifestyle you want. So you change- and your are convinced that Network Marketing is for you but you try it part time for two years and it is not working out. Now after two years you find me and you partner up with me and do wonderfully and you can retire at 50 making 109,000 dollars a year working 8-10 hours. LOL , imagine if you would have found me earlier. Darn. A little joking,but you get the idea (Anthony gave a great example of Honda on the audio). The point is when you clarify you decision you have to constantly Measure, Monitor and Adjust. The faster you can Measure and Monitor the quicker you can adjust and the less time you will spend of course.
  6. Enjoy making decisions.


To get a more in depth description of how to use these ideas- I suggest that you get Anthony’s Awaken the Giant audio you can even borrow it from your local library.  To work with me and find out how you can reach your financial dreams doing what me and my team are doing check out the box to the right. Write you name, email and phone  and lets have some fun.

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