What to do to make money?The question what to do to make money always comes up when people are short on cash and ideas. It’s funny how many people are just looking for something extra to do to make money. And their is no shortage of people selling you on information on the subject. With the latest and best way to make money.  Most articles on the internet are there because someone want to sell you on some thing (including myself). I want to increase traffic and conversions to my site. But what most people won’t tell you is that the likely hood of you succeeding with their products is small. Why? Because you have to take action and most people don’t. So Before I go over in my next article (look for it on my blogg-I increasing traffic) about what I know to be the best industry since slice bread. Let me go over the reasons I see people fail at making money.

Just to be clear I will NOT be talking about online survey sites, or telling you how you can use ebay, amazon or craigs list to sell stuff and make a few dollars. I will not be giving you information on jobs from home, or how to make millions with your own website.

This article is about learning how you can live in abundance.


So what is this wonderful money making idea that I have for you? Well first let me explain something that you can probably relate to especially since you probably searching for ways to make money. If you reached this article by typing in the question -“What to do to make money?” your close but no cigar. I believe that is an incredibly impotent question. It is like asking someone how much money they want to make and their response is “Well, I just want to be able to pay my bills.” Noble, responsible but not empowering. I learned this a long time ago from Anthony Robbins- impotent questions will lead to impotent goals. This leads to mediocrity and it leads you to non-empowering questions.


It’s really not your fault, it is how society trains us. I continue repeat myself form other articles. If you are asking yourself what you need to DO without realizing that first you have to BE the kind of person that makes money you will struggle all your life.

The biggest fight I ever had with my wife was when we where going trough some financial trouble with my practice and I started looking for a job. After halfheartedly looking for some jobs the pressure was on. My wife tells me that there is a position available an hour and a half away as an associate chiropractor. I told her I was not going to take that job because it did not fit my goals, it would take us further away from my future plans not closer and I was not willing to compromise our future because of some financial troubles. Some of you will understand this position. I know that people like Robert Kiyosaki understands this position he lived trough it in order to get to where he is today. He lived in his car with his wife for a couple of weeks in order to build his business. But most people will never understand this. Because most don’t know what they need to give up in order to reach their goal heck most people don’t even want to face that they don’t have goals. So now that I have ranted for some time. Let me condense my point here so that you can get some perspective and then I will go on in my next article to talk about What you can do to make money?

  1. You need to Be the person that will do the things to make more money.- This might seem like an obvious statement but it is not. Most people rebuttal with, “I do want to make more money, so why don’t you tell me what I have to do.” That tells me you don’t get it. Have you ever noticed that there are people that just seem to attract money no matter what they do and then there are others that no matter what they do they always struggle. There in lies the difference.
  2. You need to ask better questions of yourself so that you can get better answers for yourself. Another statement that goes over most peoples heads. Not because I am any smarter but because you need to change your point of view. You need to look at the whole world form a different perspective. All your life you have been taught how to be an employee by everyone around you. You have been trained 6 hours a day for 13 years minimum for most of us. Even tough it was not your fault it is time to wake up. Take charge of your financial future.
  3. Goals- If you don’t have goals for yourself, someone else does. For some it hurts to figure out what they want. Because they are afraid of losing what they don’t really have. They think they have comfort but what they have is mediocrity. Until you are willing to face the worst case scenario and even be willing to live it. You will always be afraid of success. A commonality of those that have gone from rags to riches is that they have lived the worst and they understand what the worst case scenario is but that does not paralyze them to take the risk of living their best. Plan you future. Don’t let small thinking control your life. Have a general destination constantly in your mind. So that you at least have a general direction. Hint: its not just to pay your bills or even make more money. Ask yourself how much and why.

My next article I will go over a super strategy that you might have heard of but don’t really know the truth about. I will also go over how it can change your financial future and why you want to do it as soon as possible.

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