Learn How To respond to The Top 7 Objections of Network MarketingHow to Network Market? This looks like it will be part one of a series on answering the top 7 objections in Network Marketing. When dealing with objections you should anticipate, count on and welcome them. They are part of being a pro. So when you do get them, and you will at some point or another just answer calmly and with the proper posture. The nice thing in network marketing is that there are only a few usual objections and once you major in how to handle them and their variations you are one action closer to closing your possibilities.

Lets answer one of the most usual objections in network marketing. First this specific objection is so customary considering it is such an easy thing to say. Something to say in order to postpone the process that may be going out of their comfort zone. The objection might be something similar to this- This looks great but I don’t have the bucks now.
Once you confirm that this person is enticed and that they do have an bona fide legitimate objection. You next step is to settle it for them. Either by changing your proposition or by changing their angle. These questions are commonly about worth and priorities. They obviously either don’t see the worth of the business ,the value of doing business with you or they have more seemingly pressing priorities. People have capital for their priorities.

But giving answers like the following will not get you anywhere.

  • Neither did I! That is why you need XYZ, so you can make checks. -This answer does not answer there real question which is why is this so valuable.
  • Or if your life depended on raising $1000 dollars could you do it?- that is just an ill-advised answer- the answer to that statement by the prospect is “Of course I could raise the capital. But your business is not my life and as far as I can tell it won’t give me a better life, that is why I am posing the objection.”
  • Same with the answer if your TV broke down today, would you get the cash to replace it. – Maybe, so you are telling me this is worth more than my TV. Why?

You need to paint a picture as Cedrick Harris would say. I believe that a better answer would be -

  • ___________ if you did have the money would you make the investment?
  • Yes I would.
  • Well why would you get involved?
  • (They give you reasons)
  • _Mr.Prospect_ are those enough reasons for you to find the x amount of dollars. Mr.Propect did you just give yourself enough reasons to get the x amount of dollars.
  • If they say yes then you can follow up on your close. So great how are we going to get our hands on the capital.

There are other ways of answering this question but for most personality types I would say this is an excellent one to remember. Just keep in mind the big picture. You have a multimillion dollar company in your hands that you are offering this person for what ever reason. Lifestyle, money, time. You are totally confident that if they do business with you and your team they can make that money back and much much more.

The same question is posed when talking about products but it is a different answer. For this answer it is more difficult because you need to know your products quality and benefits as compared to the competition. If you are brand new and you have not had time to learn the specific answers to the products. Please do not say “I don’t know” – it seems like it would be good to admit that you don’t know but in reality it decreases confidence and you did not answer their question. There is a better way to get their question answered. What you can say is that is an excellent question. Why don’t I introduce you to my partner he .. This is a better way you have the possibility of getting their question answered and they know that you are a professional in the industry.

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