Learn How to Respond to the Top 7 Objections in Network Marketing. Part IVDo you remember sitting down with a prospect and at the end of your terrific presentations and your prospect looks at you and says- “This looks great but I don’t know how to sell.” or “How much money are you making?”

Do you remember pouring your all into the approach, setting up the interview and doing the proposal. It was your best presentation in the world and at the culmination the prospect looks at you and says ” I am not interested”

How did you respond?

This article is a piece of the series on answering objections. Here are some of the answers we use in my team.

This next question usually comes up since they don’t think that they can do what you just did. It looked to complex to them, so they don’t feel they could be as “good” as you. This is why it is so important to make the plan as unsophisticated as possible so that leads can relate to doing what you do. If you have a proposal that is too perfect or too lengthy people will feel afraid and leave before they even start. So here is the first objection for the nonce;

This looks great but I don’t know how to sell?
Fantastic we are not looking for people that know how to sell we are looking for folks that know how to show.
Do I have to sell?
Why? Do you enjoy selling? (regardless of the answer) great! Then you will love this.

How much are you earning? None of your business.( Just kidding, this is not what I say.)

It is a catch 22 question. If you just started then they will judge you for that, but if you are making money they will judge you for that as well. In reality I don’t ever remember getting this objection.
But I have gathered some good answers for it. In the event that I ever do get it this question here is my answer;

How much are you earning?
That is a typical beginner question. When you understand the structure in network marketing you understand that it does not matter how much I make but how much you are going to make.

The next objection is not really an objection but a statment. So it is kind of a bonus.
I am not interested.
There are some objections that should not be overcome. This is one of them. It is probably one of the most honest objections. Most folks will try to spare your feelings and use other objections to do so. Like I don’t have the dough, I don’t have the time, I have to think about it, or let me talk to my _________.
You are not in the convincing business, you are in the information enterprise. It is hard to push a rope. There are allot of people that are looking for a way out. Your job is to prospect for diamonds not to try to turn coal into diamonds. For the rare occasion when it is trully that they are open they are just hesitant. Reframe it for them “Wich part are you not interested in- the time freedom or the money?

So in the end what you do is;
Find out what their real objection is
Answer their real objection by (Feel, Felt , Found)
Lead them to the correct decision. (that might not be partnering up with you, not everyone is right for this business)

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