Be Judged but dont Judge others.  The next lesson that I learned from Gladwell from his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking was to make sure that you maximize you chances on being on the right side of prejudgment. We all make instant judgments about others and others are making instant judgment about us. So lets take advantage of that.


Let Prejudgment work for you.

Realize that you can gain an advantage by appealing to the unconscious mind. When going out to do business face to face, realize that you should dress well and make sure you look your best. Some studies even suggest that there might be an advantage to wearing lifts. Even if people know you wear lifts, the unconscious height increase will still make an impact.

Many of people’s unconscious decisions are made in the spur of the moment even if they think they made the judgment consciously. Knowing that, we need to be aware of what we can do to stack the odds in our favor. Some things we can change like, body language, hair style, clothes and even adding a little height. But there are others we can’t change like race, gender, etc. One of the best things I gathered from the book is that we have the ability not only to better our judgment, but that we can improve the judgment of others about us.


Don’t let Prejudgment work against you.

When you are looking at others and forming impressions, do not prejudge anyone on appearance or education. Everyone has the exact same chance, especially in our industry. Many times we can make quick judgments but be careful not to let your biases take over all the time. Don’t let the first appearance, as good as it may be, drown out every other piece of information that you have managed to gather.


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