How to Make an Awesome Vision Board!You probably already know what a vision board is but I thought I would give you some insights from personal experience. It is funny a couple of years my wife and I made a vision board together and it was not long before we started accomplishing our goals. It was like magic. But I have also seen beautiful vision boards with written goal statements and action plans. The people show them and cry with joy as they recount how great it will feel to accomplish all their goals and then nothing. Why? Because they never changed. Vision boards are great they give you something to change towards, action plans are vital they give you direction and steps to take. That said I wanted to give you an awesome way to be able to organize your dreams and for most of us the first step in materialize our inner thoughts. So with this is mind I recently came across a great web site called it is a virtual pin board that allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things that you can dream about. You can get inspirations from others and plan your future. If you are interested check me out here


Caution: Pinterest can be addictive and waste time. So my goal here is to show you a place where you can find ideas and images of what you already have in your dreams, places to go, things to learn, your dream home or car. Use it as a tool rather than a place to hang out. A place to get your imagination pumping.

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