Forget About Value  Give your Best!Forget about providing value. Concentrate on giving your best. By giving your best, you ensure that you are providing value.

Quality of any sort is such a rarity. We have such a Walmart mentality- we want everything as cheap as we can get it. The problem is that we get the cheapest products. “Planned obsolescence,” one of the concepts that allows our markets to function, also produces products that are meant to break down immediately. This, I believe, creates a market that breeds mediocrity.

We have all heard of the surgeons that have left implements inside of their patients or that amputated the wrong leg. Value is hard to find these days. I see people write junk. I understand, I have been trying to write an article everyday for the last 50 days. What the heck do you write about? On top of that, I am horrible at grammar and spelling. But I don’t just want to put an article out there that is just there to get rankings on the internet. I want to provide value- something that will help people. Have I given the best value every time? Maybe not, but I have given my best when doing it. I think I have learned allot in the process. I believe that we should stop concentrating on quantity and start concentrating on quality. But keep these points in mind:

  1. Originally I was running into a common mistake that people make. I was confusing perfection with excellence. I would stop myself because I did not believe that what I had done was my best. I guess it was arrogance and ego. So I would not do anything. Now I say, don’t let perfection stop you. Now what I shoot for is excellence.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others, especially if you have don’t know them personally. You do not know what they have been through to get to where they are today. Maybe I don’t provide the best content on the internet, but I have been giving it my all, even when on occasion I didn’t feel like it. What you should do is compare yourself to your best. When you finish an article ask yourself- Is this work representative of my best in the here and now? Are you being satisfied with good enough? Are you writing articles to get rankings on the search engines or are you writing good content and then figuring out how to get that content to rank? What is the purpose of your writing? Are you serving your audience or yourself? You can do both.
  3. Write about what you are passionate about. As you can see, some of my articles have the same subjects, just from a different perspective. Those are the things that I am passionate about.
  4. Give it your best! How do you feel when you know you have not given your best?
  5. Don’t dwell too much on your results. This is a big point that I have realized. This is more true when implementing free marketing methods such as article writing and blogging. No one knows you, so how can you measure your results? Your job is to provide your best- something that you are proud to stand behind.

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