Get In their Face!It’s funny when I read sales letter that promise that you can build your business with out even meeting your prospects. That you can build just by direct response. That you can build your down line without meeting your prospect. I want to meet the person that has build a stable residual income without developing a relationship with their prospects.


It is about building relationships. So here is some advise:


  1. Build locally- building at a distance is more difficult. When starting your business the best way for most people without the phone skills is to build face to face. Phone, and long distance building is possible but a lot more difficult. It is like trying to build a romantic or friendship relationship long distance it is just not as easy. If you are an internet marketer this will be more difficult unless you can target local leads.
  2. Get in front of your prospects as soon as possible- Use the phone to get in front of your prospects as soon as possible. These days you can use the internet to get in front of your prospects. Although being face to face in physical presence is better. You can use video conferencing these days.
  3. Make sure that your prospects and new business partners go to live events where you can meet each other the stronger the bond you build the less likely they will leave you business and the more likely that they will succeed.


It is not impossible to build long distance I have seen very good partnerships start as long distance relationships but unless you meet personally it usually does not last. There is too much competition in the market to just think that someone will stay with you without you developing a true business relationship. If you are trying to build your Network Marketing over the internet because you are afraid of people and have poor interpersonal skills.


You are wasting your time and money. It is still a relationship business. Building over the internet means you have to have more interpersonal skills not less. If you want more tips and information on what the top leaders think about the internet check this out The Internet Marketing Future.


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