The Elevation Group  Are You Able To Get Through This Economy?As you read every word of this articel you will become amazed at how much we need this information. My helpmate and I were just finishing lesson eight again on The Elevation Group website, this time taking notes. It is astonishing how caught off guard most of us are for any type of disaster.
In the winter of 2009 we had a horrible storm in my area, where we lost power. Soon after we lost power my lovely wife asked me if she should reserve a room at a local motel for us and her folks that live next door. I said- “oh no the electricity will be back up in no time.” -You got to realize that we have lived in this area for most of our lives and the most time we have spent with out electricity was 2 to 3 hours. So in my untrained mind the electricity would come back soon with no problem. Luckily she did not listen to me and got the room at the motel. It got mighty bitter in the house as the day went by. The power did not come back on until four days later. At this point I knew that there where no places with generators so a friend was kind enough to lend us his generator because his house was not affected. The only thing is that he did not have the appropriate wires for me to set up my house. I knew that we where not going to find the generators but as it turned out we could not get the wires either. We had to have another friend that lives an hour away find them an hour further away from him. In the end we were out of electricity for four days, luckily we had the generator the hotels where overflowing with people coming from all over the place, being turned away. As you can see I was grossly unprepared. Without power we had no water and no heat. Two out of four essentials to survival. Are you in the same situation?
Now imagine the same scenario with no generator (because of the price of gas) in a situation where it is just hard to afford anything because of hyperinflation. Hypothetical? Maybe, but allot of people are predicting this exact condition. I rather get in readiness than be cold again. This is not that far fetched as it has happened in many countries in the past, just think of Germany during the 1920′s. So I personally am preparing for a different sequence of events. One in which I can stay for a short interval of time in place to access the circumstances. One that allows me to be in a position to profit from the biggest wealth transfer in history.
I am not an urban survival expert so the only recommendation I can give you is to be all systems go and listen to the experts. The purpose of the article is to introduce you to a subject that is elaborated within the Elevation Group and to maybe open your eyes to the very important dangers of being unprepared. Whether you invest in the elevation group or not matters little to me. What if we where all a little more prepared? I believe the more people prepared the less tragic the difficulty will be and maybe the faster the changing economy can recover.

What if you asked yourself these questions?
If you had no electricity-could you get water anytime of the year?
If you had no electricity, oil or gas – could you get heat when needed (keep in mind pellet stoves need electricity) or cook on your stove?
If there was no food at your local supermarket or food was astronomically expensive is there something you can eat?
Would you leave your home or stay?

These questions are obviously a rudamentary beginning. Besides the information on The Elevation Group these are some resources I have used and some places you can find more in depth articles;
Urban survival

If you would like a free webinar done by Mike Dillard himself check out this link The Elevation Group

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