Advice to all Internet and Network Marketers!!Don’t try to do it all on your own. Have you by any chance lived somewhere where there is lots of snow? Isn’t it easier to walk in someones steps rather than breaking the path yourself. I want to write this article because I have been doing David Wood’s hundred day challenge. At the starting point of the challenge, I sat down and wrote down about 40 topics. I just started brain storming and writing. Now I have reached the point where I need to do that again, and I was trying to figure out what my topics were going to be. I don’t want to write articles and blog entries on how great my business is and how much cash folks can make. I want to write valuable content, and I have striven to do that in my last 40 articles. As fate would have it, I came across Tracey’s Cummings blog post on developing topics. How timely- Thanks Tracy! So I thought that today’s topic should be on assisting folks find some resources and connections with people and blogs that will help them give value back.

Although I do well offline in my business, one of my greatest challenges is developing leads. How many of you have been in that state of affairs? So about three months ago, I decided to go online and tackle the online market. I was blessed to find some good trainings out there on the market that have led me in a positive direction. This article is for those people that have been contemplating doing internet marketing, especially those bringing together network marketing with online marketing. Wouldn’t it be great is someone jotted down some of these great trainers? These are some of the folks that have been helping me:

Toby and Layla Black- Toby and Layla have been a great motivation. They are good at social media marketing and video marketing, especially Facebook (Famous on Facebook in 60 days). Their personalities are so appealing and positive and they give so much of themselves. I’m looking forward to meeting them in person soon.

David Wood- David has a relaxed nonchalant way about him. He has a vagabond look to him that he sports very well. But don’t let that trick you! The guy’s results in the internet marketing sector are well-known. I met him at the No Excuses II event and I am glad I did. He has been a great coach, whether he realizes it or not. This is one individual that I am looking forward to get to know better. His major is on lead generation and conversion.

My Leads System Pro- Although not a person, this is the system that has gotten this ball rolling and has led me to some of the top people in the market.

Mike Dillard- Mike is the godfather of attraction marketing and the author of Magnetic Sponsoring (a little $30 book that has made him millions.) Recently, he has turned his concentration and skills to learning and teaching people how to profit from today’s economic system with his The  Elevation Group venture. This is one of my current recommendations as probably every single person on this list belongs to it. Watch what the successful do, then do it.

Cedrick Harris- He is very sociable, with great personality and awesome material. I met him at the No Excuses Summit II in Vegas. His distinctive feature is in sales in the direct marketing industry. I also see that he has developed a product to simplify internet marketing, in partnership with Jim Chao, Kenny Gregg and Jeff Long.

Tracey Cummings Matthewman- I don’t know much about Tracey, except that she looks like a sweetheart and she provides pretty good content in her blog. She specializes in Internet Marketing.

Ray Higdon- I also met Ray Higdon at No Excuses II. This guy has some of the best offline lead generation trainings I have seen.

Like any of these specialties I am not trying to cubbyhole a person it is just what they have helped me with.

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