7 Tips for Powerful CommunicationThis is a pretty exiting topic for me. It’s funny, the reason I started studying communication is because I am pretty introverted myself. Being introverted for me makes it difficult to initiate conversations. Some major speakers are introverts, on stage they are on fire, but of stage they are pretty quiet. It is not that we are shy we just don’t have anything to say.

I don’t claim to be an expert in communication by any sense of the word. I am just someone that has become a self study in effective powerful communication that gets results. I have learned from NLP, sales, and even hypnosis. With that said here are my two cents-


Once you have interrupted and met someone (which I spoke about in a previous article). Then you need to open their imagination and engage them. These are 7 tips that will help improve your communication:


  1. Speak to peoples hearts or gut not their brain or intellect. This is the difference between features and benefits. The features of this article are the points I am making but imagine yourself being able to implement any one of these features in your next conversation with someone and being able to make a true lasting difference in their lives those are the benefits. When speaking to someone figure out how what you are saying is going to be able to make a difference in that persons life. How will it change their future.
  2. Develop rapport by being truly interested in the other person. Don’t just yes people to the point of boredom. Many times I find people are just listening to someone just to find a break in the conversation where they can speak. Active listening just takes a small effort but it produces large rewards. Sometimes by reflecting and expanding what the person just said you can create incredible bonds. Notice I did not say parroting back. Reflecting and expanding, finding out how that particular situation made them feel or what they did next. There are many people just dying to be heard and they don’t even know it.
  3. Take their personality into account. Try to match their personality. Sometimes your personalities clash. If you want to take the time to forge a relationship with that person then you need to blend with their personality. I won’t go into a long discussion about Aikido but suffice it to say that you need to blend with the energies. Therefore:
  4. When introducing anything match their perception of the world. You match with gestures, plain observable truths such as the ski is blue, voice tempo and tonality, etc. Then lead them to the desired destination.
  5. Become a student of Human Nature and Psychology
  6. Be congruent in your speech the words you say, and how you say.
  7. Practice- Just like any skill it requires constant practice. Make it into a game, use the techniques with fun and see the reactions. Learn to have fun with it because if you don’t it will never work for you. 


One day I will take the time and expand on this subject. Things such as language patterns. Man you can really have fun with these even if it is all in your head. Again, have fun many of the people that I know that are great at communication find it allot of fun. If you want the basics of communication one of the best resources is a classic How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, if you want the more advanced information NLP has allot of information on this and like I said before hypnosis classes or even books are great.


I wrote this article for those in network marketing that would like to increase their Communication Skills. Communication is critical once you have developed your leads. The days of being able to sponsor someone remotely and not talk to them are gone. Now in order to build a lasting MLM or Network Marketing Business you need to learn how to communicate. If you are ready to be inspired and work with a team that will take you and your business to the next level click —–>>HERE<—– now


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