6 Steps to Achieving Your Goals I learned from Curiosity: I CavemanI was watching this show on the discovery network called Curiosity. Morgan Spurlock the guy that did the documentary film Super Size Me takes on the challenge of hosting I Caveman. Ten people go out into the wilderness for 10 days with the tools that are only available to our pre-historic ancestors. Those we call caveman.

This better than any reality show demonstrates in a short amount of time how goals are set, achieved and abandoned. It shows the group dynamic and how cooperative learning can help everyone reach their goals. It gives you a quick microcosm of life. So these are the lessons I learned;

  1. It’s not enough just to have a goal- even tough it is very important to have a destination in mind when setting goals. The destinations are just part of your goals. Without  destinations you will lose hope and quit. In the case of I Caveman, the group had a goal, to have a community of ten people live as the cavemen did for 10 days. They knew that at the end of ten days they would be able to go back to their lives.
  2. Purpose- Their purpose was to experience and experiment what it would be like to live as cavemen. Basically out of curiosity. Maybe not an extremely important purpose.
  3. Commitment-There commitment was partly a strong will plus peer pressure from the group as well as the eventual viewers of the show. Also very different than needing to survive.  Sometimes it migh not be a matter of not being able to do it it is just giving up to early.
  4. The next challenge in goal setting is to have a plan of action. Their plan of action was to use the tools around them in order to survive like the caveman. Their goal was simple (not easy), shelter, heat, water and food. There plan of action was to first find shelter (provided for them) start a fire for heat, gather potable water, and get some food. Each one of those goals was broken down into smaller action plans. Each one of them had a reward at the end. Accomplishment and pseudo-survival. Their hardest goal and where they were tested the most was in gathering food. Their long term survival for the experiment depended on it. But there big break continued to alluded them. This is where the two people could not take it any more and gave up.
  5. The next thing in setting goals is having a support team, weather that is a coach or a group of people that is going for the same goal that can help you.
  6. The next thing is small wins, you need to set your self for success with small wins in between the huge wins. Without those small goals and wins you might not have enough stamina to reach your big goals. I know, I have run into it over an over again. Imagine traveling 10 mile a day to get food and getting nothing for your hunt while you are starving, cold, and tired. Will you keep going? Will you quit right before the big catch. Right before the tipping point. The one thing that I noticed was that after several days even with having a goal, knowing when the time was going to be over if there was no reason and there is no reward or reward in sight we give up. There has been times where I have felt the same as these people. They even changed tactics and still did not get the food they where looking for. So people started dropping. They needed a big win. Where is the big game in your life what is it that you have gone for over and over and have not gotten you need to have a coach to be able to help you along the hard times sometimes it might look bleak but if you don’t give up it can happen.

These are the principles you need to follow in order to reach any goal and especially if you want to accomplish any big goal. Implement them in your goal setting and I can guarantee that you will reach your dreams. What else do you believe people should have in order to reach their goals?


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