5 Tips to Provide Incredible ValueAlthough I have been doing trainings for years with my team I am fairly new to the online scene. As you can tell I am not the greatest writer.
It’s funny I had to realize that I had something of value to provide at least to someone. Sometimes we don’t  realize that the things we take for granted at one point were difficult. When first starting you will feel like you have nothing to offer to the online community. What I suggest is that you concentrate and what you do have to offer.

I will give you something that I have been learning in the short time I have been on the scene. The things that I am currently learning and using. The success formula if you will;

  1. Identify a niche market. – for most of the people reading this post your niche will be the Network Marketing Business. It would be even more valuable to narrow that down even more.  It would be even better if you could narrow it down to lead generation expert in network marketing or social media expert in network marketing. You might start out with Network Marketing in general and then with some experience start narrowing it down to what you are really good at. Which is what I am currently in the process of doing.
  2. Analyze your niche market wants and needs. What are their questions? How can you help them? What is your level of expertise? If you are brand new to network marketing then you need to maybe offer someone else expertise. Review some of your mentors an offer people their advise. Then with time and experience you start offering your own information. Information that you have developed from your own success.  Start keeping a journal of your good times and bad times in the business, it might help someone else in the future. Some of the places to find out peoples questions are industry specific forums, chat rooms, you can even survey your target market. Check out the forums and the questions asked, instead of answering the questions directly in a forum direct them to an article that you created out of the question. If you don’t know the answer immediately then find it. This will help you and them.
  3. Try to be consistent, this has been a hard for me to implement. Because although I have identified the brand that I want people to know me for, I am still trying to find my voice and my specific niche.
  4. Provide Value to your market by providing what they want. Solving problems they have, and maybe even hidden problems that they have not figured out.
  5. Just Do It. You are never going to be perfect, and some of us need more practice than others. But if we never start we will never get the practice that we need to become good. Usually we see the super stars when they are super stars.If you only knew them before, you would not hesitate to just get started.

Allot of network marketers would think I am crazy for this, but I want to provide even more value from what would be considered a competitor. Dave Wood has helped me tremendously whether he knows it or not. His 8 day free training has been great. If you want to develop the skills that the top internet marketers have check out this free training 5 Tips to Provide Incredible Value


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