5 Things to Avoid When Researching A Network Marketing CompanyI am assuming that you already know that Network Marketing is a viable and legitimate way to open a business. I am also going to assume that you understand that Network Marketing is probably one of the best ways for the average person to open their own business. It usually has a relatively low start up cost, can be done part time and the potential is virtually unlimited. The skills, knowledge and personal growth a basically unmatched in any other industry. So now that you know that I like network Marketing let me get right to the subject of this article.


When first introduced to a company the first reaction for most people today is to do what? …..


Google the company. The challenge with just Googling a company is that the information you get is not always the best information. So lets go over why and how to avoid the pit falls:

  1. If the company is any good at marketing on line they will usually be at the top of the search engines with their own company marketing materials and although this should be the first information you look at the obvious is that they are not going to necessary come out and tell you that they suck. They are going to put their best foot forward and most people get caught up in the emotional hype of the company. And just register with out looking under the hood.
  2. The second thing that you should avoid is the other extreme -people that know nothing about the specific company that you are researching. The funny thing about these people is that they will tell you that they have never checked out the compensation plan, training, or gone to a single opportunity meeting. But they where able to evaluate the company with out even looking at it. They will say things like:
  • It’s a SCAM! Stay away from these people. This is the best advice I can give you.I checked this company out on the Internet.
  • It is just like xyz. I also think xyz is a scam. (xyz was such a scam that it had to change it’s name. Everyone was calling it abc)
  • Some people have had bad experiences with xyz, including me (note, I never joined xyz, I just listened to one presentation and that was enough for me.)


    *This might seem obvious but for some reason people just don’t get it. Listening to these people is like listening to your out of work brother in law that has never made more than 50,000 per year lecture you on how to make 100,000 dollars per year.

    3. Looking at 2 or three online reviews from people that have never been with that particular company. Or from people that are with the company. These reviews are mainly design to get traffic to that particular persons site. It is not necessarily bad, I do it as well. But you got to dig a little deeper. Many times they will just tell you if it is legit and strong financially but nothing more. They are usually superficial reviews. You really need to do some in depth research your self. Sometimes their reviews are just superficial because the companies watch what others are writing about them and they will have their lawyer give you a call

    4. Taking the companies word on their compensation plan. I have meet people that have been in compensation plans that I would never thought people could make money in. I have also meet people in compensation plans that I thought where ridiculously simple and not make any money at it. So what is my point. Even tough most companies will make their compensation plan the top selling point. The important thing is that you know some of the basics of the comp plan before you sign anything. Don’t expect to know everything about it but at least have clear what is expected of you

    5. Not looking at other possibilities- Check out a couple of other companies don’t just settle. Now that you have had an introduction to network marketing and you think you like it. Look around before settling. Give yourself a dead line. Maybe try out a couple on for size. I know that in my company I try new distributors on for size. In my team we can provide a 30 trial before the person registers. We check out to see if it will work for you.


    The bottom line is don’t let others steal you dream, but be smart when making a commitment for your future. Sadly a lot of networking companies have gotten a bad name when it was not their doing. Many who start busineses whether in Networking Marketing or not will never learn what it takes to build successful business. Regardless of which company you chose I have some information that could change the direction of your business for the better. Just go to the right hand side of the page and enter your name, email address and phone number and I will personally talk to you about your situation and how we can help.


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