4 Steps to Have Stress as a Network Marketing ProOne of the questions I have for my new patients is how much stress do they have not only in their work life but in their personal life.. I ask this question not to get an accurate answer. I ask this question to figure out how they handle stress and how this stress affects them physically. The only people that don’t have stress are those that are dead. And the only way to grow is to have stress. The trick is not to be stress free the trick is to know how to create eustress as oppose to distress. Here are some tips that might help you create the right kind of stress in your Network Marketing Business and become a pro at handling all kinds of situations.

Change your perspective- This is the main way to overcome stress. It’s all a matter of perspective. Take a second and imagine having problems paying your mortgage this month. Now imagine if another month went by and you could not pay it. I bet that would make you pretty stressful. You could even go into a depression over it. I know it would bring me anxiety. I probably would even lose sleep. Now erase that. Clear it out of your mind.

Now think of Donald Trump one of the times when he was having financial trouble. Think of him walking down the streets of New York city and as he passes by a homeless person he points to the man and says to his daughter you see that man he has a billion dollars more than me. What kind of stress do you think that would bring someone. Remember the great depression. For some the only way out was suicide.

My point is this no matter what kind of situation you are in having a negative unempowering visceral reaction is not going to help you change it. So you need to turn the negative into a positive and the way to do that is to turn the distress into eustress.

So let me give you some steps that help me. I learned this originally from Anthony Robbins. Tim Ferris also does a great job in his book the 4 hour work week of expanding the idea. Here it is;

Step 1- Define what really is causing you the stress? Sometimes we get frustrated over the small stuff when it is the what is causing the problem with everything else is the big pink elephant in the room. Is it picking up the phone, the over used fear of rejection, is it that you think someone is going to come knocking at your door because you offered them an opportunity they did not like? What is your stress? In the the mortgage story the stress is obvious. So now it is your third month not paying your mortgage so if your mortgage is 1,000 dollars not taking interest into account after three month you would owe $3000 dollars. But your situation has not changed, what are you going to do? How will you make something if you have nothing and you can’t even help yourself so how are you going to help anyone else.

Step 2- Now define what is the absolute worst thing that could happen if your fears become real? What would be your fears? Being evicted from your house? Living in the street? Living on someones couch? Not having food to eat? Being on government assistance? Living back at home with your parents? Living at home with your spouses parents?Keep in mind that this can be used for any fears or mental stress that is in your life. Whether it is an oppressive boss or your primary company just went out of business without asking you if they could do so.

Step 3-What would be your reaction? What could you do to pick up the pieces or repair the damage? Just think about this before you answer. Where do you think Donald Trump would be if he said to himself, well I better get a job. So I can pay back that billion dollars.

Step 4-What are the positive outcomes if you looked at your stress as a motivator instead of a demotivator?

I remember when Anthony Robbins spoke of his employee embezzling money from him realizing how deep financial trouble he was. He employed this same formula then made a decision that it was not going to happen.

These steps have helped me create more stress in my life while growing. If your goal is to stay away from stress you will never grow. The more that you embrace stress and convert distress to eustress the faster and bigger you will grow.

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