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Not Everyone Wants You to Have a Business Mindset

Have you ever had a friend like Mauricio (Jason Alexander) that wants to make you see “reality”? Maybe not even as selfish but self less thinking that they know what is best for you. Be careful they might just succeed in making you see the world as everyone else sees it. Leaving your dreams, hopes, maybe even your destiny behind. Let yourself be dehypnotized and see the possibilities in the world around you.

Be careful Network Marketing Business Mindset is not the norm. Your friends and your family might want to make you see “reality”. From the outside looking in 97 percent of people fail in network marketing. But from the inside looking out a seemingly contradictory statistic exists. People that open their own network marketing company and stay with it for 10 years just doing the basics. People that stay with it until the light-bulb goes on. 90% of these people end up making a six figure residual income. So it is time to see the inner beauty of Network Marketing. 


Not Everyone Wants You to Have a Business Mindset

Marcus Abreu DC.

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How to be a Network Marketing Pro Lessons from my Mentor

I was at my mentors house for a dinner the other day and a great subject that I have been writing about cam up. That of being a network marketing pro. These are some of the points that he made.How to be a Network Marketing Pro Lessons from my Mentor

  1. Learn the basics and practice them over and over- in order to be a professional you should learn the basics of network marketing. Use your products, sell your products and teach others how to do the same. Don’t complicate things too much.
  2. Take what your mentor teaches you to the next level- if your mentor teaches you a script that works or a way of showing your particular business plan that works. Learn it. Learn it backwards and forwards. Learn it better than they know it. Practice it over and over.
  3. Be the Leader- Leaders are the ones that do what they have to do when they have to do it. Leaders are the ones that make the money in this industry. So you need to be ahead of he pack and bring people with you. You need to succeed so that others can succeed.
  4. Practice, practice, practice- You need to continually practice your profession. The trick is to even practice your fumbles. When you show a prospect your business you are also showing them what they believe they need to do. If you are too perfect most will be intimidated and not even get started. You need to make them feel that if you can do it they can do it with no problem.


These are the four things I learned from the dinner with my mentor. I know that as you read and implement them in your business it will help you too.

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