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Turning the Impending Economic Collapse to your Advantage.

Turning the Impending Economic Collapse to your Advantage.I have been writing to you about goals the last couple of days, and if you have been following my articles the first category is your financial, business goals. I have been planing my goals for years and I have reached many of them. But over the last few years it has been more difficult to reach my goals especially as it pertains to my traditional business. Let me explain;

Most likely like you, I am a pretty optimistic person ( and if you haven’t check my article from august 31st on How to be Happy in 10 min Without Using Drugs) I believe that everyone should have a good outlook on life. It is better for your health and wealth. My relationship with YHWH also means a lot to me and I study scripture on a regular basis. With this attitude and belief system I have been looking at the fact that I have been working more and making less. I have come to the realization that the financial game is changing and in fact not only is the game changing but we are changing the board that the games is being played on.

I hope that when you review your goals that you realize as I have that you don’t have as much time to get your act together as you think you do. That if you have been procrastinating over the last few years on making any kind of wealth you better plan on doing it in the next 5 years. If you have made some wealth I believe that you should consider what you are doing with it. I always believe that there will be opportunities in the market to make money, but I have also opened my eyes to one of the greatest opportunities in history.

I have spoken to people about this before and the reaction that I get is that of hopelessness and defeat. I understand the reaction sometimes it feels to me like I am in the Titanic full of arrogant politicians that think they know what is best for the ship (economy) driving straight for a iceberg taking us all with them. All this I feel is happening in slow motion next to people that have a feeling we are headed for danger but are choosing to think that the Titanic is unsinkable and that there is enough life rafts if an emergency does come. It has been hard for me to look at it differently but I like you need to just do it. So I have chosen to scope out my life raft and to tell others that they need to do the same. Maybe I will even leave the ship early.


So when I did my goals five years ago I was still projecting my retirement 15 years into the future. I am not one of these people that hates my job. I enjoy my practice and want to help people even after I ‘retire’ but chiropractic is not one of those things that is considered a necessity. I did not really see the impending doom coming in the future. I was planning for the future looking at the past 50 years instead of realizing that the game is changing. Now I have noticed, and come to realize that we don’t have that much time to plan. We don’t have as much time as we think we do. Things are looking grim, and the planing and preparation needs to be different than it was. Instead of planning for retirement and being debt free in ten years we should be planning to endure some tough times, and be in a position to take advantage of some major economic changes. My point is this- continue to plan your goals every day over the next 5 days but keep in mind that the game that we have been playing is not the same that we will be playing 5 years from now. The board will change soon. The faster you can make money and change into something of value the better you will be poised for the future. I have already talked to you about why I believe the Elevation Group is so important so check that out on the article or just click on my affiliate link and get a free webinar.  I feel I should just mention it again Mike Dillard has done a great job in providing  valuable lessons on how to be prepared and benefit from the impending economic collapse. When planing your financial goals I am not a financial adviser, but I will tell you that as I redo my goals for this coming quarter I will be doing them with a different perspective. By you planing for the worst, you might be able to live your best.

So let me give you some ideas on what I am thinking about-

Financial, business-

What asset should you be accumulating? What can you do to accumulate that as quickly as possible? Will your plan be good for whether the economy collapses or not? What preparations do you have to make in order to benefit in the economic collapse?


I can’t control the people in power in our country but I can sure try to prepare for the impending crash. If you have any other questions that are helpful please feel free to comment…

New Year Resolution! Who Else Wants to Live Life?


New Year Resolution! Who Else Wants to Live Life?Oh my gosh! I see so many people unhappy! My life is not perfect, actually far from it. But isn’t that the point- Learn to enjoy your life where ever you are at. In yesterdays article I spoke about the mindset to create happiness in your goals. Today I will go over the steps to create those empowering goals.


Life is not about suffering to reach a goals, it is about growing and enjoying the journey. When I present this statement most people will answer with;


I agree its always about the journey, whats the point of achieving the goal with out enjoying the journey.


The challenge I have with this answer, is that the problem is a lot more subtle than that. Most people don’t realize they are not enjoying the journey. Most people don’t even realize that they are not reaching their “goals”. Don’t be fooled, everyone has goals whether they are written or not. Some people have impotent goals while others have very powerful goals. Some peoples goals are just to pay the lousy bills, while others want to bring peace to the world.. So today I want to help you clarify your goals.


Lets get started; 

1. It takes 90 days to have your new goals sink in- I am going to assume that it takes 90 days for a thought that you visualize vividly every day to sink in to your subconscious mind. To really become real for you. So if you want to hit your new years resolutions this year it is time to plan now in September so that in October you have your thoughts clear and are visualizing your plan and taking action. By January it will become be already a subconscious habit.

2.Everything today was originally a thought in someones mind- I don’t know if you have ever had your house built from the ground up. I have, and it was an amazing process. To see drawings made into blueprints. The the blueprints being made into actual reality. A thought taking form into an actual tangible object. Mostly everything that we have has been a thought in someones head at one point. An intangible turned into a tangible. That is the process of goal setting.

3.It is a process not an event- So you need to commit 15 minutes over the next 5 days to just dream. Go back to when you where a child and anything was possible. Sit and imagine that you have a genie and you could ask him/her for an unlimited amount of wishes. Have fun. Nothing is too big.

4. Find out what make you tick (I have already gone over that so I will not do it again, there is a link to that article in the resource box.)

5. We are going to start out with 5 categories.

  • Career/ Business/ Financial- How much money do you want to make? What position would you like to have? When would you like to retire? How much money would you need to make to retire
  • Personal Development- What skills would you like to have? Would you like to learn another language? How about typing? Would you like to learn self defense or survival class?
  • Toys and Adventures- Where would you like to go? What car would you like? Would you like to learn sky diving or is relaxing on the beach more of an adventure to you?
  • Contribution- Would you like to give back to the community? How about helping a friend or a neighbor? Soup kitchen?
  • Relationships/Spiritual- What kind of relationships would you like? What is your spiritual life like? Do you have a relationship with God (not with religion-that is like being in love with the idea of a spouse trough their assistant point of view.)


For each category you will create short and long term destinations with short stops in between. For example- lets say you want to go to Belize and SCUBA dive. So you make this your one year goal. In one year from today you will be SUBA diving in the clear waters of Belize with yous spouse (This is a true story, except we were going to go to a couples resort in Jamaica). So you decide that in order to SCUBA it is better to get certified in the states than to go and take their one day certification.


So your first goal needs to be -learn how to SCUBA. You are blessed, your spouse and you have a friend that is a SCUBA diver and knows and instructor that can give you private lessons. Awesome! SCUBA is a whole body experience and you find it to be an amazing out of this world experience that you will not forget whether you go to Belize or not. You see, life happens ( a major blow from a death in the family) and you don’t get to go to Belize on your goal date. Does that nullify the awesome time that you had learning how to SCUBA. NO, way!


Do you see how you can have an ultimate destination in mind and not reach it. But the journey was a whole body adventure. Was your destination getting to Belize only or was it to have fun in Belize. Did you have fun already? Can you still go to Belize? What happens if you get hit by a car the day before you have planed to go to Belize?


Get my point. After you figure out what your destination is you need to find out how to make your journey a fun one. WOW!! That is an awesome insight. I got to review my own goals again. 

Most of all have fun trough the process. This is just the beginning. The next step is to create an action plan. At first your action plan will be a rough outline but the clearer you make it the easier it will be. All this talk about SCUBA diving, I ended up giving my friend a call and we will be going soon. If you would like to inquire about working with me or my team fill out the box on the right hand side of the page or you can call me directly at 1800 967-8705. 

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