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In order to be an Excellent Network Marketer You need to be a Great Listener!


Of course you have heard that we have one mouth and two ears. That is so that we can listen twice as much as what we talk. But it seems that this statement goes over most network marketers heads when it comes to presenting their business plan to leads.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get prospects to register without even showing them your super-duper most amazing plan ever. You can and I have.
Wow, Marcus this is weird. Aren’t you the one that believes that one of the most important steps a new distributor need to take is to learn to show their business presentation immediately. Yes! Yes, I do. But not because I believe it is what sells people, but because it builds your confidence and gives you credibility. Many network marketers believe that to sell their business they need to show the business plan. Of course at some point this is true, but at first people are not buying your business plan they are buying a solution to their problem. After they buy the solution to their problem then they are buying you and your ability to help them with that problem. Then they are buying your solution or plan.
The CEO of the company I work with says it like this ” I don’t show the plan to anyone that is not already in, when I show the plan I am just showing them what they are getting into.”

There have been many times when I have gone to talk to a prospect and did not even open my presentation book, just sat down and spoke to them, then invited them to a formal business presentation. Actually this is how I presented the business to one of the best leaders in my organization. If you find out what their problem is, you can offer a solution. There will be enough time to show them the plan later. Listen first. Talk to them first. Find out what their wants and needs are first. Find out how your business can fit their needs.

How do you know what their problem is if you don’t listen? If you are to busy talking you don’t have enough time to listen. Your plan and products as good as they are, they are really not that important for the sale.

Ask questions.- if they have looked for a business and you want to avoid the objection of “I don’t have the money” you can ask an open-ended indirect question like. Would you mind sharing with me about what kind of budget you had in mind? Although this question can be a yes or no question, a “no” answer would really disqualify them. A yes answer would follow with the actually budget. Some other great questions that might fit into your interview process are;

Why would you like to make more money? What prompted you to give us a call? Approximately how much money would make a difference in your life? How do you see a business changing your financial situation?

Build curiosity- When asking questions you also want to build curiosity. The curiosity is to get them interested in finding more. You want their brain having unanswered questions at this point. It’s kind of like a drug. Hollywood does this all the time. When you are left at the end of a season with unanswered questions that you just have to know the answers too. The way they will get those answers is to take a look at the business plan.

No one has been sold on a Presentation alone- This is especially true when presenting the business with a company video. It would be nice if we could just pop a video in the DVD or blue ray player and have it do all the work for us. But it is actually a process. I am not saying that you can show your business plan that way. It is just not the process. The video can not listen. You need to establish a dialog the video is just to show them what they are getting into.

How to Network Market: Having the Psychological Advantage When Closing a Sale

This morning I was re-listening to Joe Girard (the greatest salesman in the world), and he sparked some good points that I think a lot of us miss when we are in network marketing. He spoke about his experiences as a salesman and what people need to do in order to become great salesmen. Interestingly enough, the first thing he talks about is his belief in himself.

  1. We need to believe in ourselves. We need to be sold on ourselves first in order to sell to others. You are who you are- learn to like yourself. Would you buy you? We are all unique creatures of nature, and each one of us has so much to offer, if we could only recognize our unique value. There is no other like you. It reminds of one of the songs my 7 year old likes by Selena Gomez- Who Says
  2. You need to brand yourself. If you brand yourself, it doesn’t matter what company you decide to work in, you will do well. People want to work with me because I have branded myself. The reason people do business with you is because of you. This is true in 90% of the cases.
  3. You need to play the part of the salesman. Life is a play and we are the actors. What are the basic expectations of the person that you are trying to sell to. You need to cater to those expectations in order to gain their trust. As soon as you walk out into the world, you are being judged by others, and they will place you in their mental categories based on first impressions. It is just a psychological shortcut of life. Dress the part. Don’t over- dress and don’t under- dress.
  4. Stay in one spot. Don’t move from job to job, or in this case from company to company. When you move from company to company you lose momentum. The same goes when you move from one lead generation method to another. It is better if you put blinders on until you master the skills. Don’t quit too soon. I see too many people jumping from company to company, or quitting to soon. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I wanted to quit, especially the online lead generation. In fact, I did start and quit several years ago. Then I had to restart the whole process again from the beginning. It reminds me of the story of the gold prospector that quit mining and sold his mine right before he would have hit one of the biggest mines in the country.
  5. Don’t pre-qualify anyone. Everyone is a buyer, but you have to get permission to sell to them first. This is where you are determining what your buyer’s needs are to see how to present your product or service to them. Everyone is looking for a deal. The trick is to find out what it is that they consider a deal. What is a deal to some is garbage to others. Just think of garage sales! Learn how to present your business in a way that is attractive to your particular prospect.

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