Networker Know Thyself! Personality Types

Know Your Personality!

It is interesting to study the difference between those who succeed and those who fail. Nowhere is it more evident than in Network Marketing. Network Marketing is all about succeeding and reaching your dreams. That is it’s main selling point. The game of success and failure is played in your mind. It takes time to play the game, therefore it takes commitment and determination. I truly believe that your personality types are a major piece in this game of¬†network¬†marketing success . Your personality types have to do with how you reach your goals. Cater to your personality, and you will be able to reach your goals easier. Ignore it, and you will constantly feel like you are struggling. There are certain qualities that successful people have, and action steps that they take, but how they motivate themselves is different. Without self motivation you will always struggle. Most people assume they know who they are, so they have never really taken the time to discover themselves. They don’t really understand what motivates them.

I always thought that one of my main motivators was just helping people. After all, I am a doctor and I enjoy it. But I constantly struggled with my commitment and determination. I would start and stop my projects, always self sabotaging, always having to start again, so my success was always fleeting. It was not until I figured out that I was more driven by experiencing adventures and sharing them, that my motivation started matching my goals. In order to develop your goals you need to know yourself better. Now there are many tests out there for assessing personality. I just saw Mike Dillard write about a personality test that he recommends to figure out your business style. I might take it some time, but for right now I am happy with the enneagram personality test. It will cost you $10 to take the full version, although they do have a free version. It is very insightful. If you read about your personality, you will realize what will drive you. If you cater to and encourage your personality, you will get things done with less effort and more joy, and the likely hood of you accomplishing your goals will increase 20 fold.


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