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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home.

I want to work from home, that is all I hear lately. We have had our own home based business for the last decade. We designed it that way. It seems to be the trend that more and more people want to work from home or have a home based business. I enjoy it and would never want to give it up but it does have it’s disadvantages.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home.Disadvantages-


  1. Growth-this can be limited by your local zoning laws, space or because you have to be careful who you bring into your home. I have training in addiction therapy but I do not want that element in my home. I meet with a lot of people that I am meeting for the first time, I am bringing them to my home. But there is a difference between having your business in your home and having a business that is based out from your home. With my Chiropractic
    practice I see people in my home with my Network Marketing business it is based out of my home, I can go out and see the prospects. Luckily you will always attract what is necessary as long as you have that frame of mind. I usually will not attract a patient that wants a super modern professional environment, and if they do come in they would probably leave promptly. I

    am more family, laid back, environment. When designing your office figure out who you want to attract.

  2. Discipline- it requires allot of discipline to stay focused on your business when there are so many things to do at home. You need to do everything in your power to make sure that your business and home are separate. That you are entering a different environment and switching into work mode.
  3. Interruptions. Your family needs to understand that although you are at home that you are not really available for every little thing. That unless it is an emergency- you are at work. Imagine how many things come up during the course of a day. For example my wife is trying to talk to me right now- which breaks my concentration and makes me crazy honey! I AM working!!! 

Advantages- I got this image from Cnet News- and although I do agree with some of the benefits some of them I believe are disadvantages  The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home.

  1. Can see your family- One of my favorite things about working from home is being able to be with my daughter, but this turns out to be one of the disadvantages as well. Creating rules for the office is very important.
  2. Commute is fast- have you ever wonder how much time you would save if you did not have to travel back and forth from work. Especially if you have a nine to five. You end up traveling when everyone else is on the road so it takes you twice as long to get home. I don’t travel when others are on the road.
  3. Your lease is the same as your mortgage- If you have your own business this is a great savings. If you work from home, well this might not be an excellent way of saving because your utility bill does go up.

Over all the advantages of being home far outweigh the disadvantages. The most dangerous disadvantage is that of concentration and focus. It is very easy to lose focus in your own home based business. This is one of the biggest problems I see with the people I coach. They can find a million things to distract them from doing their income producing activities. My biggest word of advice when you are contemplating working form home is to make sure that you have a period of concentrated time that you work on income producing activities. One of the little tricks I learned is to use a timer. Go into your office, pick a task, set the timer for 50 minutes and just have total concentration on that task. It could be calling prospects back, calling distributors and making sure they are plugging in the system, calling customers and selling products or writing an article. What ever ti is give it your total concentration. Multi-tasking is over rated and actually counterproductive. Don’t let anything interrupt you. No answering voice mails, emails, skype, instant messages or facebook chats. No wife or husband interruptions. Nothing. I have a sing unfortunately I don’t always put it up. Especially when I am writing articles in between patients. That is not multitasking it is parallel tasking although it still breaks my article writing concentration.


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4 Basic Income Producing Activities of Network Marketing

4 Basic Income Producing Activities of Network MarketingThe way that I see this is that there are 4 things a Network Marketer needs to do in order to build a successful business and make money. All the other activities are secondary and supportive to the first 4.

The challenge come in the learning curve. When you are starting out in your business I see many people make the mistake of wanting to know everything before they start anything. Subconsciously they know that this will not make them money but their fear of going out of their comfort zone stops them from doing the things they know they should be doing. These might be obvious and simple things but I suggest you don’t ignore them. What most of us spend our time doing- organizing our desk, “educating” ourselves


1. Generate leads- This is the life blood of your business, without it you will fail. This is one of the most important skills you must learn and you must learn to teach. I failed at this in the beginning. Especially since my sponsors told me all I needed was two people. I don’t care in what Networking company you are in-without leads your other activities will be impossible to accomplish. Without anyone to show the business model, sell products or plug in you will have no business. A quick word of advice. When I found out that if I did not learn this skill my business would fail I searched far and wide. I came across so many ideas that it was overwhelming, silly me I was jumping from idea to idea and never getting anywhere for months. It was not until I focused on one or two ways that I started to notice any progress. I think most people have to go through this process to find where they are going to be comfortable but I suggest that the sooner you do the faster it will go.


2. Sell the business- At first selling your business might be just showing them a company video, then having your sponsor show the business for you, or taking them to a home meeting. The faster you learn how to show the business the better results you will get.


3. Sell the products- If your company does not sell products and/or services you are in a pyramid scam. Any legitimate business needs to sell good and/or services. Whether that is gold coins or legal services.

The money to pay the distributors needs to be generated from selling the products to end consumers of some sort.


4. Plug People In- This is the only way to build lasting residual income. Plug the people into the system whether you need to create it or the company has one for you. It is all about systems of duplication. Try not to do anything that can not be easily duplicated. If you do create something that is not duplicatable make sure that it can be automated and that eventually everyone in your organization can benefit from it. If not you will find yourself working in your business and not on your business. You will find that you just created a job instead of a business that you can leave. If you want to create long lasting residual income you need to make your business independent of yourself or become an investor with the money from your business.


These are the four basic money making skills in Network Marketing. Learn them, master them and teach them and your business will explode bigger that you wildest dreams.

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