The #1 Skill all Networkers Must HaveThe Number 1 skill in Network Marketing is ….

Making friends.

Network marketing is about building relationships. I constantly hear business partners complain that their distributors are not doing what they are “suppose to”. That it a loaded statement in order not to get into a tangent about this I will tell you the solution- sponsor people that will do what they are “suppose to”. But the reason that they don’t sponsor more people and are fixated on the few they have is that they don’t have a names list, and the reason they don’t have a names list is because they ultimately do not know how to meet people and develop a relationship.

Most people that are successful in any business with very few exceptions are people that know how to make friends and influence people. Some of your best friends will come from the next few years in your business.

If you have trouble making friends then you will have trouble building this business. The great thing is that making friends can be a learned skill. When we are babies most of us don’t have problems meeting others. Somewhere around when we start walking to adulthood we lose that ability. Whether it is because of “stranger danger” or rejection we just keep to ourselves unless forced not to. Making friends or at least meeting people is all about human nature, conversation skills and people.

Every personality type can make friends if they are willing too. It’s not about personality it is about desire.

So the structure for making friends is


Identify-Interrupt- Conversation Starter-Engage- Close


Some basics.

As you probably already figured out if you have been following my post is that I am big into mentality. I believe that the reason people don’t succeed is not necessarily that they don’t know something it is because what they do know they are not willing to use and what they don’t know they are not willing to find out.

First you have to BE the person that would succeed then you will DO what ever it takes to succeed and ultimately you will Have the outcome that you want. So before we begin you have to be the type of person that wants to meet people.


The game in your head

You can not be needy, overeager, over interested. – Don’t get me wrong it might work with some people but I am telling you when people have approached me that way I knew they had some alternate plan and it was repulsive at the other end is sitting while thinking about attraction marketing, using your brain power to just think about the “Secret”, becoming a prospect magnet, and expecting people just to walk up to you and be totally enthralled by you and your charisma and magnetism while you act cool and disinterested- well just tell me how that is working out for you if you have tried it.


Not only do you have to BE, you also have to DO.

So now that you are the person that will do what ever it takes, you are not attached to the outcome of sponsoring this person and you know that you have something incredible to offer (you and your uniqueness).  You want to find out how your uniqueness can be helpful if at all.

Identify- Next is to identify your target. Who is it that you want to meet and why? What is it that attracted you to them. Hopefully it is not only that they are breathing. Have some standards at least. Please!!!

When you identify your target your next step is to pounce on them. Just Kidding.

But that is what most networkers do. I had this guy in GA. Approach me at a Sams club start telling me how well he was doing, ask me for a card and for as long as I lived at that address he sent me earnings checks that he supposedly had made. I don’t know about you but that approach did not work on me at all.

All kidding aside you should approach that person as soon as you identify them and calculate your approach. The reason I say that is because the more you think about it the more likely you will find excuses and rationalizations not to approach them and you could have changed that persons and the people they reached forever.


“You never know how far reaching something you may say think or do will affect countless millions tomorrow.” BJ Palmer


That’s all the time I have for now I will come back next time. I will go over how to interrupt someone. All of us are in our own worlds this is especially true today with MP3 players and cell phones.  In order to meet someone we need to be willing to interrupt them. If you master the interruption the rest is vegetable juice, I mean cake.


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